Winter Fishing accessories that are a must have when it’s freezing (What do you need when you go winter fishing)

I hate being cold when I am fly fishing. That is why I came up with this list of must haves on cold days when fly fishing. Enjoy.

1. Merino Wool Ninja Suit by myairblaster:

I first started using these on the snowboard trips I would take. It didn’t take long until my wife and I used these suits for fly fishing. It keeps you really warm on the coldest days and has odor resistant fabric that is amazing. Unless your really really stinky and in that case…. well good look finding a mate, mate ;)


Here is a video of my wife and I fishing on the Big Horn in the winter. Tracy is a big fan of the ninja suit and Big Foot Costumes…. it’s weird :)

2. Airhole Facemasks

I discovered this amazing product snowboarding as well but they are great on cold fly fishing days. Your face stays toasty, your sunglasses don’t fog, and best of all you can take a little sip of something every once in a while without having to take anything off.



3. ThermaCell Heated Insoles

I hate when my feet get cold! It’s the one thing that really bugs me about fishing in the cold. These are unbelievable and you don’t even realize they are there besides of course your feet being %100 percent warm.


4.  Zippo Hand Warrmer and the more basic Hot Hands.

Both these products are great and do the job. I find on the coldest days when I’m fishing I prefer the Zippo Hand warmer, just because it warms up my hands the fastest. If your hands are cold it’s hard to do everything. Keep your hands warm and stay fishing longer.

1_1025744_FS Hand_Warmer_Box_40_Ct.__76959.1410909546.1280.1280

5. Patagonia Fishing Gloves and Simms Fishing Gloves

Along with your hand warmers you need to have a good pair of fishing gloves. I have two different ones at all times. One for fishing and another for either rowing or for when your hands get extremely cold.

89715_602 g4-glove-dark-gunmetal-f14_3

6.  A good De-Icer when fishing in the cold.

There are a couple of products I like to use. Believe it or not Pam works out just great for a couple of hours at a time. You can also use chapstick as well.  Loon sells a product called Stanley’s Ice off paste and it works great as well. Whatever you decide to use make sure you have it handy all day because you might have to put it on several times throughout your fishing day.

220 500-0 download

7. Fire starter Survival kit

I always think worst case scenario and this is a must when fly fishing in the cold. You can make your own pack or buy one that is already all set up for you. Just make sure you get a way to start a fire quick and easy just in case you get wet. Hypothermia can come on a lot quicker then you might think and this could save your life. Keep a couple of bic lighters with you as well. Those things seem to work wherever you are.FLICImage

612wZim8ZtL._SX425_Survival kit for the cold


My extended family outing at Rainbow Falls Trout Club in Colorado (Project Healing Waters is very special)

As you may or may not know, most of my family and Tracy’s family is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. We usually try to make it back at least twice a year. Once for Christmas, and again for Thanksgiving… or sometime during the summer. Family means a lot to Tracy and I. They are the glue that holds us together and luckily we were blessed with an amazing family on both sides.

I first heard of Rainbow Falls when I was planning a fishing trip for my 80 year old Grandpa. I knew wherever I took him fishing would have to be a place where it was easy to get around. It needed to have lots of fishing opportunities and had to be a place that had plenty of spots to rest and sit down. I posted the idea I had on Facebook and right away I had lot’s of people volunteering their time to help me. A huge thanks to a bunch of you including my friends, Rob Griggs “The Trout Sniper”, Jen Kugler Hansen, and the amazing Larry Snyder of “Fly Fishing Crazy”.


Larry Snyder with a Rainbow Falls Rainbow Trout

Tracy and I went back to Colorado this Thanksgiving to see our family again. This time Tracy and I had another great idea. Tracy’s brother Chase is a Marine and was visiting for 2 weeks before he went on another deployment. So we contacted Larry and set up another fishing day with Chase, Tracy, Mike (Tracy’s Dad), and myself.

Larry also is a huge part of Project Healing Waters. The description of project healing waters I copied and pasted from their website:

“Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.™ is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings.”

I have donated trips to Project Healing Waters because of me knowing Larry’s involvement with the cause and having a heart for our military, but this trip with Chase made me have an even deeper passion for it.

I have known Chase since Tracy and I first started dating. Chase was in 4th grade at the time. He is not just Tracy’s brother but mine as well. I love him a lot and have lots of fun with him when he is around.

It was amazing how fast he picked up fly fishing. I was kind of bummed out because the fish weren’t as excited to eat, as previous trips I had been on. In my head I was really hoping he was having a good time, knowing in my head, that the fishing was sub par compared to what it can be. The water was freezing, being that it was November and all the lakes were almost all iced over.

Chase turned to Tracy and said “Thank you so much! This is the most fun I have had this whole year.” Tracy said “What do you mean? You jump out of planes, do crazy missions, and do the baddest ass things ever!” Chase replied “You’re right, but this is the most relaxing fun I have had in a long, long, long time and it is exactly what I need in my life right now.”

I’ll never forget that conversation for the rest of my life. It meant so much to Chase and it is something that was so easy for Tracy and I to help him out with. When I said, I was dissapointed that the fish weren’t biting as well as normal to myself, I was only thinking of myself. I wasn’t thinking of Chase and what his actual needs were. That made me rethink how I would, and will guide a little differently, from that day going forward. It doesn’t always matter how many fish you catch, but what’s really important is what days like this can do for the soul.

Good news is, Chase did catch quite a few fish that day. He was all grins and had so much fun. He had to take several breaks because of his back pain, which he got from serving our country. Besides that, he never wanted to stop. He made me laugh a lot because of the similarity I saw between Tracy and him. When he would lose a fish, he would be so mad! He would cuss a little and be determined to catch it again. Especially that son of b*** that broke him off and was one of the biggest fish he has ever seen, in his words :).

If you do any type of charity donations, I would highly suggest Project Healing Waters. I have seen first hand on what amazing things this organization does and will keep on doing. I believe our troops don’t get near the love and support they deserve and charities like these are amazing.

This Trip will be a part of all of us forever and I’m so glad it happened. Tracy’s dad Mike is a one of a kind guy as well. His life is a movie script that even the director would have a hard time calling it non fiction. He survived two gun shot wounds to the head, a couple crazy car accidents, and just this month celebrated 18 years of sobriety.

Some of Mike’s best past memories is fly fishing as a kid with his dad. After his injuries Mike has difficulties with coordination and things we take for granted. Just last month he was also diagnosed with a couple things that aren’t good but we all have high hopes in it being treated.

This trip was just as important to him as it was to Chase. I loved seeing the two smoke cigars, laugh, and enjoy the day together. It was an unbelievable experience and I can’t wait to make many more memories with them both in the future.

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I hope you enjoyed my blog post and a little bit about our family. I hope this post brings some light on Project Healing Waters and the amazing people that volunteer. I also hope this motivates you to make time for your family and do something for them that you all will remember forever.

God Bless!

Funny Fishing Gifts for the Fishing addict in your life (Funny Christmas Fishing Presents)

Everybody needs a good laugh and least once a day. So here are some gifts for this Christmas that will be sure to get some good laughs.

#1- FishEye, the wearable fish camera. 

Now you can see what the fish see and possibly even find out where the monster trout live.



#2- Fishing Pen Rod Set

Now you can go fishing secretly without anybody knowing. Just pretend you are going on a business meeting with your favorite pen. What they don’t know is that pen is a fishing rod!




#3- Hook Line and Sinker: Toilet Fishing

You spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the course of your life. Why not do a little practice fishing everyday. Hope you catch a big one.




#4- Noggin Net

Have you ever forgotten your net in the car?? Well, not anymore! This net is always with you and provides great sun protection.




#5- Rocket Fishing Rod

Do you have trouble casting long distances?? Well, not to fear your new fishing rod casting device is here!




#6- Fly Fishing Fortune Cookies

Every fisherman is a little superstitious or very superstitious. Why not help that fellow angler in giving him some good vibes in the form of a fly fishing fortune cookie.




#7- Fishing Rod Fly Swatter

Do you need a better look at those flies flying around the water? Or maybe the flies are just bothering you and you need to show them who is boss. Well here is your favorite new weapon.




#8- Fisherman Forecaster Weather Station

When is it good to go fishing?? The answer is anytime but here is a little gift that could help you choose the best days.

shopping (1)



#9- Gone Fishing Cake Toppers

Are you getting married or know someone that is? Here is a great gift for someone tying the knot.



#10- Fish cooler

It’s always a good idea to keep your drinks cold during a fishing trip. Here is a great option for you to keep your drink cold.



Here are some funny gift ideas for this holiday season. I hope you enjoyed the list and have a very merry Christmas this year and for many more years to come :).




My top 10 Trout flies of 2014 (The flies from Catch Fly Fishing just taste better)

My 2014 guiding season and personal fly fishing season was a huge success. A huge part of that success goes to Eric Beebe of Catch Fly Fishing. Eric’s flies invade my fly box and the rivers I fish.

So here are my top flies from Catch Fly Fishing that produced the best this year for me and my clients.

# 1- Catches Pile Driver Streamer.

Streamers that produce the most eratic motion produce more fish for me. This streamer does just that and produces lot’s of really good fish.

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# 2- Forrest Jay’s UV Sowbug Tan.

The Big Horn River is known for its sowbug’s and this fly is one of my favorites. This is a go to bug when fly fishing the Big Horn River.

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# 3- Crystal back scud (Orange)

In the fall on the Big Horn River fish start really keying in on the orange scuds. Go with a couple different sizes and see which one they like that day.

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# 4- Catch Rubberlegs 

When i’m guiding or fishing the Yellowstone or other natural freestone rivers this is my go to fly for big fish. These are especially good flies to run in the spring time. Put some weight on your set up and reach those dark bottom depths for those big browns.

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# 5- Blue Winged Olive (BWO)

Who doesn’t like seeing sipping trout on the river?? This is one of my favorite dry flies on the Big Horn River and many others across Montana and Wyoming. Pick one that you can see well and go get some sipping trout.

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# 6- The Student (Mayfly)

You ever go for those sipping fish that won’t take anything!!! Well, this fly is a very special one to have in your fly box. It works when most dry flies won’t.


Here is how you tie it.

# 7- Soft Hackle Sowbug 

There are plenty of colors to choose from on this fly. (orange, tan, pink) are my favorites. This is a hot fly on the Big Horn River all year long and is a must in your fly box. I also use this fly all the time on other tailwaters across the country. It’s just one of those flies that works and works really well.

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# 8- Hare’s Ear Nymph 

This fly will work on freestone rivers along with tailwaters. I usually use non bead head hare’s ear on the Big Horn and use beadhead hare’s ear on the Stillwater and Yellowstone.

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# 9- Pheasant Tail nymph

Using this fly is almost cheating. This fly works in every river in the United States I bet. When trout are not quite dialed into one particular fly, I will put a pheasant tail on and consistently catch fish all day.

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# 10- Beebe’s Candyman streamer

I have to end this post with one of my favorite streamers I use all the time. This streamer gets the attention of the big boy fish of the river. Fish this with a floating line or a heavy sinking line and you’ll get the attention of big and little trout that thing their big.

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Thanks for reading my blog about my favorite trout flies of 2014. I hope you had a great year as well!!

Make sure you have fun on the river at all times! Take a lesson from my friend Dutch playing the air nomad guitar after a client hooks a fish :).


Best places to Fly Fish in Montana when everything is iced up??? (Fly fishing in the Winter in Montana)

My favorite places to fish in Montana when the cold and Ice comes are Spring Creeks. Spring creeks are known for crystal clear water, perfect water temps, and technical fishing.



My second favorite places to fish are tailwaters. Tailwaters are rivers that run below a dam. The water temp is set by the lake or reservoir that the water is coming out of. That means no ice and lot’s of hungry fish.

Big Rainbow caught on the Big Horn River in the winter.

Big Rainbow caught on the Big Horn River by my dad Hunter Kevin Thompson

So you’re probably wandering where are some of the best places in Montana to go to in the winter. Let me tell you about some of my favorite and then I challenge you to look at a map and discover some for yourself. It’s fun to have random river adventures where you don’t know what you are getting yourself into.

Here is a list of my favorite places to fish in Montana when it gets cold and icy. In no particular order.

Livingston’s Montana three most popular spring creeks. DePuy Spring Creek, Nelson’s Spring Creek, and Armstrong Spring Creek. All three of these world famous spring creeks is a great way to spend a day or two on. You can get great dry fly hatches on these spring creeks even in the middle of winter.

Here is a video on Depuy’s Spring creek. 

Nelson’s Spring Creek.

Armstrong Sprink Creek.

Dillon Montana is home to McCoy Spring Creek. This spring creek is what solitude is all about with amazing views.

Check out this video that showcases it very well. 

Bozeman Montana is home to Milesnick Spring Creeks

There are also the famous Tailwaters of Montana that produce huge fish and can be fished all winter long.

The Big Horn River in Fort Smith Montana is a great choice when you want to fish in the winter. It has great streamer action, dry flies coming off and of course nymphing. It’s one of my favorite rivers to fish in the winter and i’m sure you’ll love it to.

Fly Fishing the Big Horn River in Montana from Tracy Moore on Vimeo.


The Missouri River near Craig, Montana is also one of the best winter fisheries in Montana. Known for its football sized trout and amazing dry fly hatches. It’s also a great time for streamers.

The Madison River near Bozeman Montana. When I lived in Bozeman in my earlier years this is the river I would fish the most in the winter. It is fairly close to Bozeman and has some amazing fish to be caught on this river

The Beaverhead River near Dillon Montana. This has to be one of my favorite rivers I have ever fished. It is a tailwater but fishes a lot like a spring creek. It’s a very small river and is a lot of fun to wade or float. You’ll love your time on this amazing fishery.

The Kootenai River below Libby Dam in Northwest Montana. This has to be one of the least known but best tailwaters in the state. You’ll find some very large trout here and amazing scenery.


So here is a list of my favorite rivers to fish in Montana during the winter months and of course in the summer months. I hope this helps you in finding some good fishable water this winter and many winters to come.

Have fun out there and I hope to see you on the water someday.

Top 10 Best Christmas presents for your fly fishing family members (2014 Best Fly Fishing Christmas Presents)

There are so many great gifts for people this Christmas but here are my top 10 Fly Fishing Gifts for 2014:


#1 Fishpond’s Nomad Net -Everybody needs a great net that not only works great but also looks good. This is the best net and Fishpond is a terrific company to work with. I have nothing but great things to say about this company.


#2 Korkers Fishing boots- Every fly fisherman needs a great pair of boots to fish in. It keeps you comfortable, safe on slick surfaces, and helps you enjoy your day. There are many styles to choose from and I recommend any one that fits your budget. My favorite is the Devil’s Canyon with the BOA system.

This company is great to work with and has been great to work with. They treat you right and cares a lot about you the customer.


3. Titan Rod Vault – This has to be one of the best things I have purchased in my guiding career. It keeps your clients rods safe and yours. It makes it easy to jump from river to river without having to take apart and put together your rod.

Best thing is the owner is a great guy and that means a lot to me.


4. A Fly Fishing trip to Monster Lake Ranch- Every fly fishing man or woman loves to go fishing. Why not treat them to a day they will never forget filled with huge fish and lots of fun.

Monster Lake Ranch is known for huge fish, 10 lbs plus. The thing that makes this place even more special is the amazing people that run this ranch. You will feel right at home with the great hospitality you’ll receive on your fishing day or days on the ranch.


5. Fly Fishing Trip on the world famous Big Horn River in Montana.

This river is an amazing fishery. Your loved one will fall in love with this river and the many fish they will catch in a day with a great guide leading the way. I suggest booking your trip with The Big Horn Trout Shop in Fort Smith, Montana.

The Big Horn Trout shop is one of the first shops to be in Fort Smith and is also one of the best. They have people that come back every year to enjoy this place. Most of there guests are returning customers of over 15 years. You’ll feel more like a family member than just a customer when booking a trip with them.


6. Patagonia and their many products.

My favorite Patagonia product for fly fishing right now is the Men’s Long-Sleeve sun stretched shirt.

It looks great and it is great for fishing.

Patagonia is one of my favorite companies in the fishing industry. They are so personal and really care about their customers. For such a big company they do the best at making the customers and guides feel wanted and needed. I have had several messages from them thanking me for my support and that means a lot because I realize I’m just a little part of their business.


7. Hatch Reels – These Reels are the very best in the industry in my opinion. All reels have a sealed drag and work to perfection. Andrew from Hatch is great guy to work with and always treats you right. This company really cares about you and will treat you right. You’ll love your new hatch reel!


8. Rio Fly Lines - Rio Fly Lines are the very best fly lines in fly fishing today. They have you covered from trout fishing, to saltwater fishing, and all the way to speciality lines for bass and carp. Whatever your loved one needs, RIO will have a fly line for them.

Every product from them I recommend and I also believe in the company a lot. RIO is by far one of the best companies to work with. The experts at RIO will help you with your fly line purchase from the simplest question to the most technical.


9. Sage Fly Rods- I have been privileged to cast some of the best rods in the world and I always enjoy my Sage Rods the best. They feel perfect in my hand and I can get the fly exactly where I want it. These rods are pricey but they are the best.

My favorite rod is the Sage One but there are many others that I love and wouldn’t get rid of. The best thing about Sage is the lifetime warranty and the great customer service.


10. Loon Products - Loon has a little of everything. You will find plenty of stocking stuffers from this amazing company. All of my floatants, sinkents, powder, and tools come from Loon.

All their products work great and the company stands by all their products. They are awesome and I love all their products.


These are my 2014 top 10 fly fishing gifts for this Christmas season. I hope this helps you out in your search for your fly fishing loved ones. There are plenty of items out there that I didn’t mention but hopefully this gives you a great start. I like to recommend companies that truly care about you as a customer and also the guides and industry. I might of missed some great companies but it is hard to fit them all in. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day and don’t forget to support your local fly shops.

Do you need some more stocking stuff ideas??? Here are some great ones as well!

Goat Head Sole Spikes- They give you that added grip when you are on those slippery rocks. Plus the owner is one of the coolest guys around.


My friend Dave at Stripnflywear has some amazing shirts that every fly fishing nut will love. They have everything and some one of a kind designs!


Also a great company and terrific guy to support is Promont Outdoors. Your loved ones will love these shirts, hats and sweatshirts!


Flies from Big Horn Flies. Every fly fisherman loves getting flies and Big Horn Flies has some of the best flies for the money. Eric Beebe from Catch Fly Fishing knows how to make flies just taste better.


Making people know that they are important to us and the world.

I’m writing this today because I always need a reminder on how to treat the people I love the most because sometimes those are the people we treat the worst.

This seems like a very easy concept and idea but at our core it is hard for us to do. We all want to feel important and feel like we mean something to ourselves and the world but are we accomplishing that?

True happiness, I believe, is knowing within us that we are living a life of importance and purpose. No one wants to feel like they they are just coasting by not impacting anything or anyone.

Most everybody needs and wants acceptance. Once you feel accepted by your friends, peers, spouse and colleagues that is when your soul becomes alive. It shines light into this world because you feel important and part of something bigger.

I’m not sure what makes you feel important, but I challenge you to look at others for the answers to that. Sometimes we look too much at ourselves and that never seems to work in finding our real importance in life.

You’re truly the most important person in a another person’s life when they feel more alive around you then around anybody else. This in turn will make you feel alive and important because importance comes from the things in you, that make others come alive.

I have had the privilege in meeting some amazing people in my short life here on earth. The people that I love spending time with the most are the ones that make me feel alive inside. The ones with encouraging words and love me for me. They make me feel important in their life and vice versa. They have a glow about them and seem to always do things in life that makes them come alive and others. They are beautiful people inside and out and you will rarely hear them ever complain or talk bad about people.

These are the people I like to surround myself around and it makes me a better person in turn. No matter what you were taught as a kid or who your role models were growing up, it is never too late to make some uplifting changes in your life.

Find friends and family that make you feel important. Know your passions and go do that for a living. Find a soulmate in this world that brings the very best YOU that you can offer when your around them. Don’t settle with mediocre but instead go out and be the very best you!

Whenever you’re feeling down in life, which will happen, surround yourself with positivity and people that love you no matter what. When you’re feeling back on top of the world don’t forget to give back to the people that helped you out. Fill your soul and mind with so much goodness that it overflows to the people you encounter everyday.

Always take time to make someone smile, laugh or to give a hug to someone in need.

Most importantly live a life that makes you feel important and that gives you a feeling of being alive inside! This world needs people that love what they do and can overflow there happiness and love to others.

Have a great night and know that you are a very important part of this beautiful world we get to live together in.

God Bless You and Your Family

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Where to catch Big Trout Fly Fishing?? (Where to catch 10 lb Rainbow and Brown Trout and have a memorable day without the crowds)

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the crowds and catch big fish. At Monster Lake Ranch you can do just that. It’s a place to get away and have some great times with your friends, family or just by yourself.

It’s located just outside the amazing town of Cody, Wyoming. (Map of where Monster Lake Ranch is)

Cody, Wyoming is a great place to spend a couple days and I would highly suggest doing so. You have the Buffalo Bill museum which is one of my favorite museums. In the summer you can enjoy the Rodeo every night of the week. It is also, only 50 miles away from the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Don’t forget to eat at the Rib and Chop house when you are there!! You’ll love it! Best steaks and great atmosphere.

When you decide to book a trip to Monster Lake Ranch you’ll be amazed with the hospitality and willingness to make your day the best day it can be.

Big Brown Trout

Big Brown Trout

They have two ponds at Monster Lake Ranch.

Quick Lake is full of Brook Trout up to 4lbs but don’t be surprised if you hook up to a 10 lb brown trout though. Quick lake has some surprises to give you at any time.

Monster Lake is the one that I go straight to when I go. It has Rainbows up to 12 lbs to catch and Brown trout up to 10 lbs. It is an amazing fishery that generates huge fish from the Monster Scuds, prolific hatches, and flathead minnows that are in these waters.

My cousin Steven best described this Lake by saying, “This is just ridicolous” He said this after catching his 10th or so rainbow between 5 lbs and 8 lbs. Enjoy our video from a day at Monster Lake this October 2014.

Monster Lake Ranch is amazing, in the fact they only let a certain amount of people fish the two lakes in a day. This is nice because it will guarantee you a day of solitude and peace, without worrying about, if your favorite stretch of water is already taken. There is nothing worse driving to your favorite water and see another person fishing the hole, you so wanted to fish. So Monster Lake Ranch respects that and only allows a low number of fly fisherman on the lake a day.

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You can fish this lake by yourself or have a (hand picked guide for the day) that knows the lake very well. It’s still fishing and not a place where you will catch a fish every cast. Sometimes it is slower than other times. If you have never fished Monster Lake Ranch I highly suggest getting a guide. It can make you go from a 2 fish day to a 40 fish day (if the fish are cooperating) cause like I said it’s still fishing and not just catching.

You can choose to use a drift boat or choose to wade. I like the drift boat option because I just love the feeling of being on the water. If you choose to wade, don’t worry, you’ll still have a great opportunity to catch a lot of fish. A lot of these fish are beach cruisers and just cruise around the lake eating. So keep your eyes peeled and you’ll have a chance to do a lot of sight casting.

I hope you make it out to Monster Lake Ranch and experience this amazing place for yourself. You can make it a day trip or stay at the ranch in one of there many cabins and make it a few day trip. Just make sure you stretch a lot and do some curls before hand. You’ll need the extra muscle reeling in those big fish!

Book a trip by clicking this link or to find out more information about this amazing fishery: Monster Lake Ranch Contact Us Page. 

Here is a little bonus information for you. Here are some great flies to fish with while you’re at Monster Lake Ranch from Catch Fly Fishing.




Have you ever been Grandma’d?? (Being Grandma’d on the river and what it means)


I love good old fishing stories and this one is 100% true and I hope you enjoy it.

On a day this summer myself and some friends decided to go fish away from our home waters. We were really excited about it and ready for the adventure. We hit the road and soon enough we arrived. There was only one thing wrong, why was the water so low??? I’m talking about a fourth of what it should be. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but it was really mossy and the fish were buried deep in the green junk.

We already booked the hotel and were committed, so we all decided we were going to make the best of it, and have some fun. About the time we were ready to back up the boat, another car pulled up, with an old aluminum boat. It was all rusty, and looked like it might possibly have a couple leaks. Looked a lot like the boat below.



When the couple got out of the car it was an older couple, probably in their late 70’s. The man started talking to me about how he had fished this river for over 50 years and how he couldn’t believe the water was so low. I tried saying hi to the woman but she seemed as if she couldn’t hear me or couldn’t speak. I couldn’t quite tell.

He continued with his conversation telling me I should use some worms, not those fake ones, but the real ones. Fish like em better and you’ll catch more. I told him, I appreciated his advice but we were going to try to do some dry fly fishing. He kinda looked at me funny and said “well, good luck lad, we’re going to go get some fish for super tonight”.

We pushed off the ramp and the Grandma turned to us and  said “good luck.” All of us looked at each other with a look of holy cow, she can talk!

We were off and the journey began. It was so low and there were several times where we had to get out of the boat, just to push the boat to deeper water. I kept thinking throughout the day, I hope that old couple is doing okay. I kept looking for them but was thinking maybe they changed their minds.

We had an okay day but the fishing was a lot slower than we were hoping for. We had about an hour left of daylight and that’s when I saw the best thing a dry fly fisherman could see. A huge pod of rising fish.

The spot where the fish were rising, was on river right and it was one of the only deep parts of the river that day. So I decided to anchor in the middle of the river and we could cast from there. It was working out great! We caught two fish in a matter of 5 minutes, without scaring the pod of fish at all. We were all grins and excited for the rest of the time we had casting to these rising fish. But that’s when it happened! The term being Grandma’d was about to originate.


I looked back and their was old Grandma and Grandpa heading our way. Grandpa was rowing while grandma was in the back with her rod and worms. They could of went to the left of us and left the pod of fish for us to fish. But that Grandma had other plans! They rowed right passed us without ever saying a word, with stone cold faces, and dropped those worms right in the middle of those rising fish. Bam!! Fish on! She reeled that thing in, put it on the stringer with the other 10 trout and just kept on rowing.

All of us just looked at each other with blank looks on our face and just started laughing historically! “Did that really just happen!” We just got Grandma’d so hard!!

So that is how the term getting Grandma’d got started.

All I have to say is, Good for you Grandma!! You keep, keeping it real and I appreciate you for all the laughter we had and still will have for years to come.


Portraits for a cause is Today!!! November 15, 2014

As you probably know Tracy and I love to help out our community along with a lot of other charities we support. We need your help with this one and guess what??? It’s today November 15, 2014!


It’s happening TODAY!!! From 10 am to 4 pm!!! November 15, 2014

Come support the Billings, Montana community and this amazing charity event “Portraits for a Cause” Tracy Moore Photographers by coming to the Billings Open Studio right above Bottega Clothing. Address is 2814 2nd Ave N, Billings, Mt 59101.

You can get a family photo on a disk with full photo rights for $35 and leave with it the same day. There will be 4 different back drops to choose from. All money goes to Santa Clause for a Cause by Hot 101.9. To help families this holiday season with meals, presents and feeling loved.

One of 4 backgrounds. The other backgrounds are all neutral.

One of 4 backgrounds. The other backgrounds are all neutral.

It is our 5th year doing it! We would love you to come down and support this amazing charity.

There will be free coffee from Rock Creek Coffee Roasters, an adorable 8 year old girl will be painting nails, and buddy the elf (played by my cousin Steven Ladefoged).

It’s from 10am to 4pm today. No appointments needed. Just come anytime.

Thanks and please come support the community of Billings!