Steelheading in gorgeous BC with our new friends Charles, April Vokey, Cat, Victor, Brock, Yoshi and so many others. (Matt and Tracy Adventures)

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They are unicorns, as my friend Trevor would say. Are they real? Will you see them? Well that is up to you and if you believe in the unicorns of the river. They elude even the best angler some days or they can show themselves in bunches some days. Even after your millionth cast with no tug you will still have an enthusiasm in your soul that you are getting closer with every cast. When you finally get that tug you don’t feel relieved, you get freaking rocked!! There is an adrenaline rush that one only gets from this kind of fish at the end of your line. These are Steelhead!


This is a story of new friendships, amazing fish, and following your heart.

Tracy and I are a little different than most. We don’t exactly like feeling comfortable living the so called “American Dream”. Our “dream” looks more like an Action Romance Thriller with no real plot. Our plot is probably written by someone with extreme Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that loves God and wants to go wherever the moment takes their characters.

We were on one of our most memorable and heartbreaking adventures when we got the good news of going to see April Vokey and her husband Charles in BC. We were in Tanzania Africa building a clean water well and helping the school systems of Mafia Island. Tracy and I just got back to Dar Es Salaam from Mafia Island. We had all of our camera equipment with us and were traveling back to the place that we were staying. On the way back we stopped in at a hotel for a meeting with a guy about some fishing opportunities. While we were in our meeting our car was broken into and all of our camera equipment was taken. Tracy and I were devastated as all of our images to that point were stolen from us as well. Pictures of all the good works that had been done. Pictures of precious people and kids that grew dear to us along the journey.

A couple days later that is when Tracy woke me up freaking out….. Matt!! Matt!! wake up! wake up! What’s up sweetie?!?! April Vokey wrote me!! She wants me to take pictures of her new show coming up on WFN Shorelines in BC.

This news came at such a good time. It was just the little hope Tracy needed to get her mind off of what just happened. I am so grateful for April and her perfect timing for that email. Thanks April!

Long story short to summarize what happened in Africa. With the amazing help of Maryvonne Pool and the local police they were able to get most of Tracy’s camera equipment back. We didn’t get the memory cards :( but luckily we were able to capture new memories of the trip. With the help of Maryvonne Pool we were able to go back to Mafia Island and recapture some of the things we lost.


September couldn’t of arrived any faster! We were so pumped for this trip! Fishing with April has been one of Tracy’s and I’s dreams for the longest times. The way she loves fishing and loves Steelhead is something very special. This sport is so lucky to have such a wonderful human being supporting it and being part of it.

Tracy and I decided to drive to BC. The drive was absolutely amazing!! You drive through Banff National Park which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The sweet crisp fall air was everywhere. The leaves were gold, yellow, red and were out of this world beautiful. This is a portion of road that everyone should drive someday in their lives.

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After three long days of driving we finally arrived to our destination. I felt like a kid at Christmas. Finally I was able to fish for BC Steelhead with some of the most amazing people in the world.

The next day April was meeting us and the film crew at the hotel. That was literally the longest night ever!! But soon enough, morning came! April and Charles arrived and just like we imagined April was sitting in the front seat with a huge smile on her face. She gave us both huge hugs and thanked us for being there. Tracy like her normal crazy self decided to put a horse head on her face (that she purchased two towns away) and dance around before introductions were even over. I, like always, was just laughing at my crazy wife’s antics while hoping April was still going to let Tracy shoot pictures. I had nothing to worry about as April grabbed the horse head right away and decided to dance with it to. I am pretty sure Tracy and April our soul sisters. They were literally so fun and funny together. We miss them a lot and let’s just say that horse head was in many of pictures.

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So the plan for the week was, Tracy and April would be busy with the film crew. They would be going all around for interviews, fishing, and photographing the journey along the way.

I was going to be with Charles (April’s amazing husband) and his friend Rob from Australia. Hanging out with two Aussies was beyond fun. We fished everyday (except weekends, watch the show for more details) from dawn until dusk. They called each other mates and by the end of the trip I was saying it to. It’s hard not to! Charles is a very special person and was a blast to fish with. He helped me a lot with my spey cast and was gracious enough to let me swing through the holes first. He is one of those guys that I would love to spend a lot of time with because of his love for fishing and his personality is absolutely great!


Here is a picture of April and Charles with their first steelhead as a married couple!

The Steelhead were eluding us like crazy at first. We fished hard for 5 days straight without a single Steelhead. We saw a group of Italians at one hole that pulled 3 steelhead out right in front of our face. So the running joke for our dry spell was those dang Italians are taking all the fish!

Steelhead aren’t easy to catch, so when you do get one, your emotiions are amplified by 1,000 percent.

On day 6 my luck was about to change. Charles was fishing a hole and told me to hit the hole beneath him. He said go deep because there is a huge drop off down there. I put on my sinking line and put just the nastiest looking pink eyed, pink bodied fly I had. I gave it a kiss for luck and started swinging. Sure enough BAM!!!! there it was!! the tug I had been waiting and anticipating 50 hours for. It took my fly and just barely came up stream while fighting a little. I was confused and thought I might of caught something else. I knew it was big though because I could feel the weight of the fish. As I was doubting myself that’s when I saw those beautiful red marks. My first BC steelhead and it is amazing. After about 10 minutes of fighting it and bringing it close to shore I thought it was ready to come in. That’s when I hear Charles say “Get ready, it’s got a lot more fight”. It’s like that fish was waiting for those words and even before Charles finished his sentence it ran about 50 yards somersaulting, Jesus walking, and head shaking like nothing I have ever felt before. With Charle’s help we finally landed it. We took pictures of it and then let it go to fight another day. I sat on the side of the river for over 10 minutes just thinking of what just happened and thanking God for such an amazing experience. It made it even better that I was able to spend it with such an amazing guy. Thanks Charles!

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The most memorable times on a fishing trip is not always catching fish, often times it can be the hangout time in between. In this case it was both. Charles talking about how he is the boss of the internet, the boss of the camp and eventually he was the boss of the world. Cat’s (April’s assistant) contagious laugh and her being the 2nd boss in command when Charles is gone. April and Tracy making everybody laugh around the camp fire. Going to restaurants and Charles ordering 6 entrees for him and April because everything looks so good :). Victor (Film crew for WFN) blowing our minds and everybody’s else’s at karokee. Who knew he had a voice like a song bird. Brock (film crew for WFN) rocking out with his imaginary drum set when a good song would come on the radio. Seeing Colby and Moki on the back of the water masters floating down the river with Cat and April was pretty entertaining.

It was just as amazing hanging out with these people off the river as it was on the river.

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Besides the amazing people we met on this trip my favorite thing was seeing Tracy hook into her first BC Steelhead. Tracy says some pretty funny things when she hooks up big fish. My favorite being:

It won’t stop running, What do I do?!?! It still won’t stop!! Really guys, what do I do??? Guys??

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A beautiful Spey cast is probably one of the coolest things to see. April’s and Charles’s cast is something I could just watch for hours. It was so smooth and effortless. It looked like art in the air.

April knows her hometown water and is an amazing angler. On our last day she wanted Tracy to get a steelhead really bad. So she took Tracy to a run she knew Tracy had a great chance of catching one. She said start here and work your way down, you’ll get one. After only about 5 casts, Tracy yells out, got one!! It was incredible seeing someone with such a keen eye on where Steelhead hold. After about 15 minutes Tracy had the biggest Steelhead of the trip landed and she was all smiles!

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To end this adventure would be a shame, so instead, we will just call it a break that we will come back to at a later time. We will be back soon to fish with our new friends soon.

Thanks so much April, Charles and Cat for your amazing hospitality and your new friendships. We love all of you very much and can’t wait to continue this adventure sooner than later. May your life’s be blessed in such a way you couldn’t of even imagined it.

Here are some amazing photos Tracy took along the way. Tracy really wants to photograph for Patagonia someday. Hopefully this dream will come true someday!

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Update on Depression and fighting back (Finding your passion)


As many people know, I don’t like to hold back on what’s going on in my life, especially in hopes that it helps someone else out in their own life.

On a previous post I talked about how I fell into a deep depression. It covered me up like a dark cloud, that even the brightest sun couldn’t penetrate through. All I wanted was light to come back into my life but I just felt stuck.

I had a great career in real estate, a beautiful wife, a relationship with our savior Jesus and an amazing family. What the heck was wrong with me!?!?


The only thing that would let me escape from my dark cloud was fly fishing with my wife, friends and family. It was the one place I was able get away from suicidal thoughts and feelings of hopelessness. It was a place of comfort and finally a little peace from my destructive thoughts.

I knew it was just an escape and didn’t solve anything but it’s what I needed to survive at the time.


So let’s fast forward to the present and talk about getting that light back :). Well it’s been one year since my darkest days and let’s just say I am alive again. It took a lot of work and taking big steps but I am the happiest I have been since the depression cloud hit me like a ton of bricks.

Steps I took to get out of my depression:

1. Go get some medical help.

I was so against going to the doctor at first. It made me feel weak inside. It was the worst thing I could of tricked my self into believing. I needed medicine and needed medicine fast. My doctor prescribed me lexapro for my everyday medicine and Klonopin for when I had anxiety attacks. It didn’t feel like it was working at all but with time it started working great. So don’t give up on it because you don’t get instant gratification. Don’t stop taking it just because you feel better. I did this mistake and I started to fall back into the sickness of depression.

2. Follow your dreams and find away to make money at it. 

I started to think about other people more than myself. What was I doing when people around me felt the most alive???? I was taking them fly fishing! Getting them outside! Finding a refuge for their everyday stressful days.

That’s when I decided I wanted to be a fly fishing guide. Not the typical guide but an outstanding guide that would give my clients an amazing break from their everyday life. A guide that would listen to their life story,love on them and most of all serve them with all I have inside of me.

I would share the overflowing, abundant love, of what God was blessing me with and give that to my clients. I will be an extension of God’s grace, Love, and listening ear to the people I was guiding for that day. Not to only be their guide for the day but to develop an everlasting friendship.

I pray for my clients everyday without even knowing them. I pray for their day to be wonderful in a way that they wouldn’t of even imagined. I pray for their needs of the day to come way before mine.

I am finally in a career that I know I am supposed to be doing and I feel alive when I wake up in the morning.

3. Fix the things in your life that make you stressed. 

Let’s be completely honest with each other. We all have bad habits and seem to repeat them. Really work on the things that make you stressed and fix them. One of the things that I repeat over and over again that stresses me out is trying to please everyone. By pleasing everyone you aren’t helping anyone. I had to learn to say no and learn to stand up for myself. This has helped me a lot in knowing who I really am and love the person I am. If you know something is wrong, speak up and educate the world. It also helps with knowing your true friends because they stand by you no matter what.


4. Stay active and connect with great people regularly.

This one is really hard when you are depressed. All you want to do is be alone and that is the worst thing you can do. Try to push yourself into a new or old healthy hobby. Connect with friends on a daily basis. Don’t get into watching TV, Jealously, or comparing your life to others on facebook or any other social media platform. Go outside and feel the sun rays, the wind and the sounds of this world. It will make you feel way more alive than staying inside listening to your negative thoughts.




5. Be honest with your family about what’s going on and keep in constant contact with people you look up to. 

The quicker you can bite your depression in the butt, the better! The longer it goes on it will be harder to break out of. Let your family, spouse, or friends know what’s going on and lean on them for support. Nobody that truly loves you wants you to suffer with depression. They will help you get through it and hopefully be understanding.

My grandparents are a huge inspiration to me and I would lean on them for inspiration on a daily basis. They have been married for 58 years and I wish that on my marriage everyday! They are great people for me to talk to when I’m feeling down. They instantly pick my spirits up with their loving and caring hearts towards me.


I really hope this post is an inspiration to someone out there. Know that you don’t have to be stuck in the dark cloud and their is a way out. I pray for your recovery and hope the very best for your life.

Thanks for following my life and I am so grateful for your love and support.

Where in Montana should I fly fish? (Best places in Montana to fly fish)


I get this question a lot and I love answering it. I’m a explorer at heart and have been to all of the popular rivers in Montana and even a lot of the ones off the beaten path.

If I could only fish 5 rivers in Montana these would be them:


#1 The mighty Missouri River!

I love this river with a passion. Huge fish and some of the most fun fish to catch. It’s a tailwater so you can fish it all year round with great success.


#2 The Beaver Head

This is my new favorite river in Montana for when I have time off. It’s a small meandering river that is very technical but so fun. Lots of people but doesn’t seem to bother you as long as you remember they are just trying to have fun like you.


#3 The river I guide the most… The Big Horn River!

This river is a fish producing river. It has thousands of fish per mile and they love to eat. It’s a great river to spend a lot of time on. You get great dry fly hatches, streamer action and tons of fish on nymphs. Also being that it’s on crow indian reservation you won’t see much development at all. It’s like being back in time.


#4- South Fork of the Flathead

If your idea of fishing is crystal clear water, rapids, big cutthroat and occasionally a bull trout by accident, this is the place to go. I can’t say enough about the beauty of this place. It’s something for you to see for yourself.



#5- The Madison River

If you haven’t heard or fished the famous salmon fly hatch, well you need to! This river is absolutely amazing! My favorite water is the upper Madison. It literally is the river of a billion riffles. Everywhere you look you will want to put a cast in it!


Well, I sure hope this helps you out in your fly fishing journeys in Montana! I hope you get to experience it with a loved one or a great friend. Hopefully I’ll be able to guide you on one of these rivers sometime in the future!

Have a blessed day!

What should I tip my fly fishing guide?

Let me first explain how the guide world works in Montana.

Every guide has to work under an outfitter until he or she gets enough trips under their belt. To become an outfitter the guide must also pass a test and many other determining factors.

So when you hire a guide for $450 a day the outfitter takes a good portion of that amount off the top.

Then the guide is responsible for lunches ($20), flies, ($20), shuttle ($22 to $35), gas ($30-$70), tippet and leaders ($20), and drinks and ice ($15). Also general maintenance, taking care of broken rods, and other miscellaneous.

So at the end of the day, the tip from your clients really offsets those expenses. We really depend on it to help out with bills and normal living expenses .

Im writing this post to educate clients in knowing the importance of tipping your guide at the end of the day.

You might be thinking what is a good tip. When I talk to other guides and also from my own experience I believe a $100 dollar tip is a great tip for a one day fly fishing trip. I have received a lot more and a little less.

I know tips is a weird topic for some but the truth is it shouldn’t be. Tips really help people out and I want my clients to know what is normal that way they know before hiring me.

I hope this makes sense and helps people out.

Have a great day and go catch lots of fish :)!!


How to catch a lot of fish when you hire a fly fishing guide. (Fly Fishing with a guide)

Big Horn River Brown Trout.

Big Horn River Brown Trout.

It’s time to plan your vacation. You have new hopes and dreams of catching that fish of a lifetime or maybe it’s your first time fly fishing ever. It takes a lot of time planning and getting ready for your trip and I am sure you want to be very successful. So here are some tips that will help you a lot during your trip with a fly fishing guide.

#1~ Come in ready to listen and learn. The clients of mine that do the best are very good listeners. They apply everything I teach them and in turn are very successful in catching lots of fish.

For Example:

Right now on the Big Horn River it is very mossy. Moss on your hooks is no bueno! Fish aren’t vegetarians and because of that you need to be constantly cleaning your hooks.

I had some clients the other day that wouldn’t clean their hooks ever. I would tell them every time and they would look at me like I was crazy. I would take their rod, show them how to take off the moss, or even take it off myself. As soon as I would leave to help the other person in the group, I would look back to see them casting and their hook would have 2 feet of moss hanging on it. I would say clean your hooks, they have moss on it! They would look at me like I was crazy and keep casting it over and over again wandering why they weren’t catching anything.

Then I get the clients that want to learn and listen. They are cleaning their hooks constantly like I taught them and they are catching fish all the time.

Point is: Make sure you listen to your guide and if you decide not to, don’t be sad when you only catch a few fish.

Their is nothing more frustrating in the guiding world then having to repeat ourselves a million times and someone not listening. Eventually we start to feel like you don’t care and believe it or not we love to watch you catch fish. So #1 rule is to listen up and get ready to catch some fish!

photo 3

#2~ It’s way better to cast really well than to cast a million feet of line.

The truth about fly fishing is you don’t need to cast a bunch of line to catch a bunch of fish. The guide knows the river really well and will get you to the places you need to be, to catch fish. I always position my boat that way my clients never have to cast more than 15 to 20 feet to be in the correct place to catch fish.

I will tell my clients this multiple times but for some reason every once in awhile they will decide they want to impress me. They strip out so much fly line that even the best fly casters in the world would start to wonder if they could cast that much. They are hitting the water on their back cast and only getting it about 30 feet away from the boat and worst yet it is all tangled. They look at you and say “the wind sure does crazy things”!

Just remember the only thing the guide is impressed with on a day of fishing with his/her clients is how good of listeners and appliers they are.

Ross Slayton with Beautiful Rainbow

Ross Slayton with Beautiful Rainbow

#3~ Stay within your comfort level and gradually test yourself.

What I mean by this, is to not have too high of expectations when you are new to the sport. This sport takes time to learn and if you are expecting a 100 fish day or catching a spooky trout with a perfect 60 foot cast your first time out, you’ll be disappointed.

Go out on your day of fly fishing with your guide with no expectations besides having a great day and wanting to absorb a lot of great tips. I know you’ll have a blast if you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Go to learn and put into practice everything the guide teaches you.

The clients of mine that catch the most fish are the ones who listen the best. They might need lots of help in perfecting their cast and presentations but they are listening and applying constantly.

The guide will give you 100% so all we ask if you give us a 100%. It is such a fun sport and I hope this helps you out in your next fly fishing vacation!

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Fly Fishing techniques for nymphing “Nymphing for Big fish”


Who says you can’t catch huge fish on little nymphs!! This is one of my biggest rainbows and it was caught on a size 18 pheasant tail while sight casting for it.

Being a guide on the Big Horn River in Montana, I am fishing nymph rigs all the time. Tail waters and especially the Big Horn River is a great river to nymph fish, especially if you want to catch a lot of fish. Most fish through out the day are eating sub surface which means below the surface. If you have a basic idea of how to set up your rod correctly, you will get into fish and hopefully lot’s of them.

Step one: I personally like RIO Fluorflex 9 foot 4 or 5x leaders.


Fluorocarbon leaders are the strongest of all leaders and the least detectable to fish. They have a tendency to sink which is great for nymphing. When you put the leader on your fly line make sure you do it correctly with the loop to loop connection that is shown in this video below:

Step Two: 

Putting an indicator on the top of your leader. My favorite indicator’s for the Big Horn River are the Thingamabobber’s. I use different sizes for all my different clients but my favorite has to be the small or medium sizes.


Here is a great video on how to properly put the thingamabobber on your fly line.

If you are wanting to constantly move your indicator to fish different depths and not kink your leader this is a great way to set up your indicator set up.


Step Three:

I personally like to cut off 12 to 16 inches off the bottom of my leader. I then take that fly line I just cut off and tie it back on my leader with a blood knot or a double surgeons knot. This knot that I create becomes my weight stopper. That way my weights don’t slide down to my flies when I am casting.

Here is a video on how to tie a blood knot:

Here is a video on how to tie a double surgeons knot:


Step Four: 

Tie on your first fly on your double nymph set up. I like to pick a bigger fly pattern for my first fly. For example: A pink, tan, or orange scud. I then follow that with something that is hatching that particular time of year. For example: A black midge, baetis, or pmd nymph.

I tie my first fly, of my nymph set up, with a improved clinch knot .

For my second fly I cut off 16 to 20 inches of 4 or 5x tippet. The reason why I cut off more tippet than I need is to make sure I have some extra tippet to work with. I really want around 12 to 16 inches in between my two flies when I am done tying my flies on.

Then tie your second fly with a improved clinch knot again.

Step Five: 

Decide how much weight you are wanting to fish with. On the Big Horn I usually fish with one BB or two BB’s if I want to go deep and fast. There are all different kinds of weights you can buy. I always purchase my weights from the fishing section of a store instead of the fly fishing section. You can buy almost the same kind of weights for half the price.

Make sure you clinch the the weights or weight with your forceps to make sure they are securely on your fly line.

Step Six: 

This isn’t really a step in your set up but you want to make sure you have the proper flies for your day on the water. The best place to go is your local fly shop and ask them what is working. If you are fishing the Big Horn River here in Montana I suggest you check out Eric from Catch Fly Fishing has the best flies for the best price. He is an amazing guy in the fly fishing industry and a great guy to support. He specializes in the Big Horn River and many more rivers in Montana. He also has a staff or pro staffers all over the country that are willing to help you for the rivers in your neck of the woods.

Here is an illustration of what your nymph set up should look like when you are all done setting it up: 


Here is a video of 8 essential steps for nymph fishing from my friend Hank Patterson. I highly suggest you watch some of his tips. He is a world class fisherman :).

Book a trip with me on the Big Horn River by going to and click the book now tab.

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Best Fly Lines for Fly Fishing (RIO makes the best fly line in the business)


When it comes to fly lines for fly fishing, in my opinion, RIO is the best! There fly lines are absolutely the best. They perform at such a superb level and the company is top notch.

If you are new to fly fishing or just need some advice on what fly line to buy next, let me help!

Here is a list of my favorite fly fishing lines by RIO and why.


So Tracy and I are obsessed with our switch rods lately. There is something special about casting a line 200 feet with ease and be in fishy water few can obtain with a single rod. The RIO Chucker line is the best line for the switch rod. You can use skagit tactics to launch this line 200 feet with ease to fish a huge amount of water that normally doesn’t get fished by the average fisherman. It is one of the best lines RIO has come up with and if you have a switch rod, do yourself a favor, and purchase this line asap. You will fall in love with this line and have your friends either hating you or wandering how you cast that far.


So for our single rod friends the best line out there right now is the RIO Perception. The Rio Perception is a line that has precise casting abilities for the moderate to experienced angler. Cast this line with ease and with every different distance you cast experience a different color of fly line to let you know where you are at. This helps out a lot when you are trying to get that grasshopper right off that grassy bank for that big trout waiting for a nice tasty lunch treat. Know how far you are casting all the time with the different color of fly line to determine your distance. It also floats like a champ and detects the most subtle take. Hook up way more fish with this line because of the lack of stretch that was developed with this line. Lack of stretch means that you strike is way more quick, which is turn means more hook ups. This line is a great line for dry’s, nymphing, and even streamer fishing. This is the line I put on all my dry fly lines and my clients catch a lot of fish with this line.


Do you fish tail water rivers a lot? Where nymphing is the name of the game if you want to catch a lot of fish? Well Rio has you covered in the indicator game with the Rio Indicator fly line. It is superb in every way to make your indicator fishing be the very best it can be. The fly line has a short taper which turns big indicator rigs with ease. It is the perfect rig to fish indicator rigs and you’ll fall in love with it right away. I changed most of my lines to this line when fishing the famous Big Horn River because of the amount of nymph fishing my clients like to do on the Horn. We catch so many more fish with this fly line because of the ease this line provides to a day of nymph fishing. You’ll love this fly line and what it represents in the world of nymph fishing.



Why are so many more people catching fish than me on the lake?? Well, it’s probably because they are using the Rio lake specific fly lines. These lines are revolutionary in the lake fishing game. If you aren’t using these fly lines while lake fishing you are doing yourself a dis service. These fly lines are a weapon in your arsenal that will catch you more fish and make your day way more productive. They have everything from 1.5 inches per seconds lines to 9 inches per second lines. The biggest thing you need to be successful on the lake is to find out what water level the fish are eating at. These lines are developed to get you there and keep you there. If your tired of only catching a few fish and want to start catching a lot more, give these exceptional lake fly fishing lines a chance. They will change your experience to such a level, you will wonder why they weren’t in your arsenal way before.

RIO fly lines are the absolute best and have a fly line for every type of fishng you and your friends are wanting to fish. Do you youself a favor and check out They have a fly line fore every situation and are way superb to the other fly lines out there/

Hope this helps you in your ability to catch fish and a lot more fish.


Tracy and I are new partners with Rod and Reel Adventures!!


Dale (Owner of Rod and Reel Adventures) with a great Tarpon!

RRA-Logo_final_smallTracy and I love adventures, especially when fly fishing is involved. We live for traveling and feeding our addiction to fly fishing. We love sharing our experiences with others and want everybody to have a chance to fish all around the world.

This is where Rod and Reel Adventures fits perfectly into our current and future plans. Dale Williams (current owner of Rod and Reel Adventures) is partnering with Tracy and I. We want to thank Dale so much for this opportunity. He is a one of a kind guy that we are honored to be partnering up with.


What I loved most about real estate and what I love about guiding on the Big Horn river is the relationships I make. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories and dreams. At Rod and Reel Adventures, I want to help people catch that fish of their dreams, help sons, daughters, spouses, friends, and loved ones experience a vacation they will never forget; and most of all, be a friend in the business you can turn to when wanting to book a fly fishing trip.


Tracy and I have been very fortunate in our short time here on earth. Our 8 year anniversary is coming up and it’s seems just like yesterday when I married my beautiful bride. In our 8 years, we have traveled all around the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Alaska, Africa, Bahamas, Europe and Canada. We have fished for, and caught Steelhead, Tiger Fish, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Permit, Marlin, Sailfish, Giant Trevally, Rooster Fish, Tarpon, Tuna, Bone fish, and many more. We understand why you want to travel to beautiful places and catch these beautiful fish. We want Rod and Reel Adventures to be your contact when booking a one of a kind trip.

I will be starting with Rod and Reel Adventures full time starting in the fall. For now I will be working with them part time until my summer guiding season comes to an end. I will still guide selected clients, and volunteer with the Refuge Foundation but Rod and Reel Adventures is what we are focusing on for the future.

I can’t wait to help you and your family on these amazing adventures now and in the future. Thank you Dale so much for this opportunity and we are so excited to be partnering with such a stand up organization.

Go check out the website at and plan out your next adventure!

Some of the trips on our bucket list are Belize, Chile, and Brazil! Where do you want to go?

Contact Dale with questions about any of the lodges, he has knowledge and experiences to share with you about all these amazing destinations.

Dale Williams
Rod and Reel Adventures

Phone  541-349-0777
Toll Free  1-800-356-6982

Contact me with any questions too!

Thanks for supporting our new venture!

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Looking back on the best decision of my life


The best decision of my life was to accept Jesus into my life. He is the source of everlasting love and blessing in your life.

The biggest blessing in his many blessing was the day I met my wife at a young life car wash.

I just recently fell in love with Jesus a week before. My life was drastically changing because the love of my young life mentor Mike Pinkston. He poured into my life the love of Jesus from his overflowing love he had for him.

I couldn’t stop thinking of the girl I met at that car wash that day. Her smile and positive energy was something I couldn’t keep my mind off of.

I didn’t think I had a chance because of the past I had once lived but God had much different plans.

Tracy and my paths kept crossing over and over in Malibu Canada at a Young Life camp. Her beauty inside and out captivated my heart and I yearned to get to know her better.


God helped us out a lot and our constant passings would soon become more than just that. We started talking about life, wake boarded with each other and had the best talks on the dock.

I couldn’t believe such a beautiful girl inside and out wanted to talk with me so much.

Later that week I accepted Jesus into my life and knew Tracy was going to be a best friend and hopefully a lot more for the rest of our days.

After 5 years of dating and lots of stories in between I was finally married to my best friend at the age of 22.

One of the best things we did afterwards was brought a baby boy into our lives. He was a ball crazy Golden Retriever named Cooper. He is our best friend and companion :).


Just like any marriage times get rough and priorities change. We still were best of friends but the most important piece of our marriage was fading.

The love of Jesus in our relationship wasn’t number one and it was our faults. Jesus always tried but we were focused on the things that didn’t really matter.

After a major wake up call we dedicated our lives back to Jesus and his loving arms. He didn’t care we walked away, he instantly gave us the biggest hug and welcomed us back.


Tracy and I made a commitment to treat Jesus like a best friend. Someone to pray with each other with every night. To not trust the norm of this world but to look at what we can do to better the kingdom of heaven and to remember our true treasure is there and not here.


We stumble all the time but the good news is Jesus is always there to love and encourage us.

One thing I have never done in my relationship with Jesus is to get baptized. I don’t feel bad about it because I know now the perfect place for it. It will take place on the Big Horn River with Brian Carpenter a good friend of mine dunking my head under and seeing my greatest blessing in this world from Jesus, my beautiful wife smiling at me :). This will happen on a refuge trip that has brought me closer to God by the conversations with beautiful God fearing loving people from around the United States.


I’m not sure what the rest of my days will look like on this planet but I know for sure my spiritual gift is encouraging people to live life happy and to make them smile while I’m with them.

Thank you lord for being such a loving God, for my number one fan, my beautiful wife, a family that loves me dearly and meeting lifetime friends I get to experience life with!


Tomorrow I get the privilege to marry my wife’s best friend Tiffany to her amazing soon to be husband Lucas

When Tracy and I were in Africa in the midst of a journey that changed the meaning of life for us, I received a message from Tiffany asking me to ordain their marriage in June. It blew me away in the fact I didn’t feel worthy to do such a God honoring thing. I prayed about it and many thoughts came to my mind.

Am I capable of doing such a God honoring message uniting two beautiful people in a life long journey together?

It made me really think about my marriage and the way it has gone to this very moment. I love my wife with all my heart and soul but I still am a pretty crapy husband at times. I think about my own happiness often more than I would like to admit. I love adventure and fun way more than solving problems that need to be taken care of. If I’m not constantly active I can get depressed which makes it hard when my wife needs help with paperwork and things that bore me to death.

So how does a person with all these problems in my marriage able to marry two young friends that I adore so much.

That’s when I started thinking about the good traits I have. I don’t believe in the D word no matter what. That word isn’t even a option when times are rough. I always can look past the hard stuff and realize lots of life problems are things that actually build up our character and get us prepared for the future. In the midst of a storm I am always looking towards the sunshine that’s about to come.

I started thinking about how everybody pretends that everything is perfect and thinks that admitting problems is a sign of weakness. I learned along time ago it’s better to be real with people because that’s when you are vulnerable and are ready to accept help in your life. When you accept help and are real with people that opens doors for people to be real with you.

I have been to 100’s of weddings and the minister seems to always concentrate on all the good times, which is great but I think you grow way more in the hard times and the vulnerably of keeping real with your spouse. Let them know your problems, your struggles, your worries and if they are willing to appreciate that vulnerability you have and help you through it, that is true love and love that will last.

I’m scared but honored to be speaking love and truth into their marriage ceremony tomorrow and hope the very best for them.

My favorite advice from a pastor I was able to guide on a beautiful Big Horn day was to be in constant prayer with your spouse everyday. Be vulnerable in your prayers with your spouse and be a good listener. Be slow to anger and be fast to forgive. The devil loves when you and your spouse are scared to talk to each other about your deepest problems but is terrified if you talk about it because it brings light into the darkest areas which brings healing and health into a sacred bond of two best friends spending life together.

I’m still working on my addiction to the river but I guess I could be addicted to much worst things. Just remember to make God a priority and then your beautiful wife. There’s nothing better than having a best friend you can cuddle up next to at night with two hearts beating as one :).

Pray for my speech tomorrow as I’m very nervous but very honored at the same time.

Thanks for following my life and adventures we go through. I cherish all the relationships I have made in my short time on this beautiful planet and can’t wait for many more!