Fly Fishing techniques for nymphing “Nymphing for Big fish”


Who says you can’t catch huge fish on little nymphs!! This is one of my biggest rainbows and it was caught on a size 18 pheasant tail while sight casting for it.

Being a guide on the Big Horn River in Montana, I am fishing nymph rigs all the time. Tail waters and especially the Big Horn River is a great river to nymph fish, especially if you want to catch a lot of fish. Most fish through out the day are eating sub surface which means below the surface. If you have a basic idea of how to set up your rod correctly, you will get into fish and hopefully lot’s of them.

Step one: I personally like RIO Fluorflex 9 foot 4 or 5x leaders.


Fluorocarbon leaders are the strongest of all leaders and the least detectable to fish. They have a tendency to sink which is great for nymphing. When you put the leader on your fly line make sure you do it correctly with the loop to loop connection that is shown in this video below:

Step Two: 

Putting an indicator on the top of your leader. My favorite indicator’s for the Big Horn River are the Thingamabobber’s. I use different sizes for all my different clients but my favorite has to be the small or medium sizes.


Here is a great video on how to properly put the thingamabobber on your fly line.

If you are wanting to constantly move your indicator to fish different depths and not kink your leader this is a great way to set up your indicator set up.


Step Three:

I personally like to cut off 12 to 16 inches off the bottom of my leader. I then take that fly line I just cut off and tie it back on my leader with a blood knot or a double surgeons knot. This knot that I create becomes my weight stopper. That way my weights don’t slide down to my flies when I am casting.

Here is a video on how to tie a blood knot:

Here is a video on how to tie a double surgeons knot:


Step Four: 

Tie on your first fly on your double nymph set up. I like to pick a bigger fly pattern for my first fly. For example: A pink, tan, or orange scud. I then follow that with something that is hatching that particular time of year. For example: A black midge, baetis, or pmd nymph.

I tie my first fly, of my nymph set up, with a improved clinch knot .

For my second fly I cut off 16 to 20 inches of 4 or 5x tippet. The reason why I cut off more tippet than I need is to make sure I have some extra tippet to work with. I really want around 12 to 16 inches in between my two flies when I am done tying my flies on.

Then tie your second fly with a improved clinch knot again.

Step Five: 

Decide how much weight you are wanting to fish with. On the Big Horn I usually fish with one BB or two BB’s if I want to go deep and fast. There are all different kinds of weights you can buy. I always purchase my weights from the fishing section of a store instead of the fly fishing section. You can buy almost the same kind of weights for half the price.

Make sure you clinch the the weights or weight with your forceps to make sure they are securely on your fly line.

Step Six: 

This isn’t really a step in your set up but you want to make sure you have the proper flies for your day on the water. The best place to go is your local fly shop and ask them what is working. If you are fishing the Big Horn River here in Montana I suggest you check out Eric from Catch Fly Fishing has the best flies for the best price. He is an amazing guy in the fly fishing industry and a great guy to support. He specializes in the Big Horn River and many more rivers in Montana. He also has a staff or pro staffers all over the country that are willing to help you for the rivers in your neck of the woods.

Here is an illustration of what your nymph set up should look like when you are all done setting it up: 


Here is a video of 8 essential steps for nymph fishing from my friend Hank Patterson. I highly suggest you watch some of his tips. He is a world class fisherman :).

Book a trip with me on the Big Horn River by going to and click the book now tab.

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Best Fly Lines for Fly Fishing (RIO makes the best fly line in the business)


When it comes to fly lines for fly fishing, in my opinion, RIO is the best! There fly lines are absolutely the best. They perform at such a superb level and the company is top notch.

If you are new to fly fishing or just need some advice on what fly line to buy next, let me help!

Here is a list of my favorite fly fishing lines by RIO and why.


So Tracy and I are obsessed with our switch rods lately. There is something special about casting a line 200 feet with ease and be in fishy water few can obtain with a single rod. The RIO Chucker line is the best line for the switch rod. You can use skagit tactics to launch this line 200 feet with ease to fish a huge amount of water that normally doesn’t get fished by the average fisherman. It is one of the best lines RIO has come up with and if you have a switch rod, do yourself a favor, and purchase this line asap. You will fall in love with this line and have your friends either hating you or wandering how you cast that far.


So for our single rod friends the best line out there right now is the RIO Perception. The Rio Perception is a line that has precise casting abilities for the moderate to experienced angler. Cast this line with ease and with every different distance you cast experience a different color of fly line to let you know where you are at. This helps out a lot when you are trying to get that grasshopper right off that grassy bank for that big trout waiting for a nice tasty lunch treat. Know how far you are casting all the time with the different color of fly line to determine your distance. It also floats like a champ and detects the most subtle take. Hook up way more fish with this line because of the lack of stretch that was developed with this line. Lack of stretch means that you strike is way more quick, which is turn means more hook ups. This line is a great line for dry’s, nymphing, and even streamer fishing. This is the line I put on all my dry fly lines and my clients catch a lot of fish with this line.


Do you fish tail water rivers a lot? Where nymphing is the name of the game if you want to catch a lot of fish? Well Rio has you covered in the indicator game with the Rio Indicator fly line. It is superb in every way to make your indicator fishing be the very best it can be. The fly line has a short taper which turns big indicator rigs with ease. It is the perfect rig to fish indicator rigs and you’ll fall in love with it right away. I changed most of my lines to this line when fishing the famous Big Horn River because of the amount of nymph fishing my clients like to do on the Horn. We catch so many more fish with this fly line because of the ease this line provides to a day of nymph fishing. You’ll love this fly line and what it represents in the world of nymph fishing.



Why are so many more people catching fish than me on the lake?? Well, it’s probably because they are using the Rio lake specific fly lines. These lines are revolutionary in the lake fishing game. If you aren’t using these fly lines while lake fishing you are doing yourself a dis service. These fly lines are a weapon in your arsenal that will catch you more fish and make your day way more productive. They have everything from 1.5 inches per seconds lines to 9 inches per second lines. The biggest thing you need to be successful on the lake is to find out what water level the fish are eating at. These lines are developed to get you there and keep you there. If your tired of only catching a few fish and want to start catching a lot more, give these exceptional lake fly fishing lines a chance. They will change your experience to such a level, you will wonder why they weren’t in your arsenal way before.

RIO fly lines are the absolute best and have a fly line for every type of fishng you and your friends are wanting to fish. Do you youself a favor and check out They have a fly line fore every situation and are way superb to the other fly lines out there/

Hope this helps you in your ability to catch fish and a lot more fish.


Tracy and I are new partners with Rod and Reel Adventures!!


Dale (Owner of Rod and Reel Adventures) with a great Tarpon!

RRA-Logo_final_smallTracy and I love adventures, especially when fly fishing is involved. We live for traveling and feeding our addiction to fly fishing. We love sharing our experiences with others and want everybody to have a chance to fish all around the world.

This is where Rod and Reel Adventures fits perfectly into our current and future plans. Dale Williams (current owner of Rod and Reel Adventures) is partnering with Tracy and I. We want to thank Dale so much for this opportunity. He is a one of a kind guy that we are honored to be partnering up with.


What I loved most about real estate and what I love about guiding on the Big Horn river is the relationships I make. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories and dreams. At Rod and Reel Adventures, I want to help people catch that fish of their dreams, help sons, daughters, spouses, friends, and loved ones experience a vacation they will never forget; and most of all, be a friend in the business you can turn to when wanting to book a fly fishing trip.


Tracy and I have been very fortunate in our short time here on earth. Our 8 year anniversary is coming up and it’s seems just like yesterday when I married my beautiful bride. In our 8 years, we have traveled all around the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, Alaska, Africa, Bahamas, Europe and Canada. We have fished for, and caught Steelhead, Tiger Fish, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Permit, Marlin, Sailfish, Giant Trevally, Rooster Fish, Tarpon, Tuna, Bone fish, and many more. We understand why you want to travel to beautiful places and catch these beautiful fish. We want Rod and Reel Adventures to be your contact when booking a one of a kind trip.

I will be starting with Rod and Reel Adventures full time starting in the fall. For now I will be working with them part time until my summer guiding season comes to an end. I will still guide selected clients, and volunteer with the Refuge Foundation but Rod and Reel Adventures is what we are focusing on for the future.

I can’t wait to help you and your family on these amazing adventures now and in the future. Thank you Dale so much for this opportunity and we are so excited to be partnering with such a stand up organization.

Go check out the website at and plan out your next adventure!

Some of the trips on our bucket list are Belize, Chile, and Brazil! Where do you want to go?

Contact Dale with questions about any of the lodges, he has knowledge and experiences to share with you about all these amazing destinations.

Dale Williams
Rod and Reel Adventures

Phone  541-349-0777
Toll Free  1-800-356-6982

Contact me with any questions too!

Thanks for supporting our new venture!

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Looking back on the best decision of my life


The best decision of my life was to accept Jesus into my life. He is the source of everlasting love and blessing in your life.

The biggest blessing in his many blessing was the day I met my wife at a young life car wash.

I just recently fell in love with Jesus a week before. My life was drastically changing because the love of my young life mentor Mike Pinkston. He poured into my life the love of Jesus from his overflowing love he had for him.

I couldn’t stop thinking of the girl I met at that car wash that day. Her smile and positive energy was something I couldn’t keep my mind off of.

I didn’t think I had a chance because of the past I had once lived but God had much different plans.

Tracy and my paths kept crossing over and over in Malibu Canada at a Young Life camp. Her beauty inside and out captivated my heart and I yearned to get to know her better.


God helped us out a lot and our constant passings would soon become more than just that. We started talking about life, wake boarded with each other and had the best talks on the dock.

I couldn’t believe such a beautiful girl inside and out wanted to talk with me so much.

Later that week I accepted Jesus into my life and knew Tracy was going to be a best friend and hopefully a lot more for the rest of our days.

After 5 years of dating and lots of stories in between I was finally married to my best friend at the age of 22.

One of the best things we did afterwards was brought a baby boy into our lives. He was a ball crazy Golden Retriever named Cooper. He is our best friend and companion :).


Just like any marriage times get rough and priorities change. We still were best of friends but the most important piece of our marriage was fading.

The love of Jesus in our relationship wasn’t number one and it was our faults. Jesus always tried but we were focused on the things that didn’t really matter.

After a major wake up call we dedicated our lives back to Jesus and his loving arms. He didn’t care we walked away, he instantly gave us the biggest hug and welcomed us back.


Tracy and I made a commitment to treat Jesus like a best friend. Someone to pray with each other with every night. To not trust the norm of this world but to look at what we can do to better the kingdom of heaven and to remember our true treasure is there and not here.


We stumble all the time but the good news is Jesus is always there to love and encourage us.

One thing I have never done in my relationship with Jesus is to get baptized. I don’t feel bad about it because I know now the perfect place for it. It will take place on the Big Horn River with Brian Carpenter a good friend of mine dunking my head under and seeing my greatest blessing in this world from Jesus, my beautiful wife smiling at me :). This will happen on a refuge trip that has brought me closer to God by the conversations with beautiful God fearing loving people from around the United States.


I’m not sure what the rest of my days will look like on this planet but I know for sure my spiritual gift is encouraging people to live life happy and to make them smile while I’m with them.

Thank you lord for being such a loving God, for my number one fan, my beautiful wife, a family that loves me dearly and meeting lifetime friends I get to experience life with!


Tomorrow I get the privilege to marry my wife’s best friend Tiffany to her amazing soon to be husband Lucas

When Tracy and I were in Africa in the midst of a journey that changed the meaning of life for us, I received a message from Tiffany asking me to ordain their marriage in June. It blew me away in the fact I didn’t feel worthy to do such a God honoring thing. I prayed about it and many thoughts came to my mind.

Am I capable of doing such a God honoring message uniting two beautiful people in a life long journey together?

It made me really think about my marriage and the way it has gone to this very moment. I love my wife with all my heart and soul but I still am a pretty crapy husband at times. I think about my own happiness often more than I would like to admit. I love adventure and fun way more than solving problems that need to be taken care of. If I’m not constantly active I can get depressed which makes it hard when my wife needs help with paperwork and things that bore me to death.

So how does a person with all these problems in my marriage able to marry two young friends that I adore so much.

That’s when I started thinking about the good traits I have. I don’t believe in the D word no matter what. That word isn’t even a option when times are rough. I always can look past the hard stuff and realize lots of life problems are things that actually build up our character and get us prepared for the future. In the midst of a storm I am always looking towards the sunshine that’s about to come.

I started thinking about how everybody pretends that everything is perfect and thinks that admitting problems is a sign of weakness. I learned along time ago it’s better to be real with people because that’s when you are vulnerable and are ready to accept help in your life. When you accept help and are real with people that opens doors for people to be real with you.

I have been to 100’s of weddings and the minister seems to always concentrate on all the good times, which is great but I think you grow way more in the hard times and the vulnerably of keeping real with your spouse. Let them know your problems, your struggles, your worries and if they are willing to appreciate that vulnerability you have and help you through it, that is true love and love that will last.

I’m scared but honored to be speaking love and truth into their marriage ceremony tomorrow and hope the very best for them.

My favorite advice from a pastor I was able to guide on a beautiful Big Horn day was to be in constant prayer with your spouse everyday. Be vulnerable in your prayers with your spouse and be a good listener. Be slow to anger and be fast to forgive. The devil loves when you and your spouse are scared to talk to each other about your deepest problems but is terrified if you talk about it because it brings light into the darkest areas which brings healing and health into a sacred bond of two best friends spending life together.

I’m still working on my addiction to the river but I guess I could be addicted to much worst things. Just remember to make God a priority and then your beautiful wife. There’s nothing better than having a best friend you can cuddle up next to at night with two hearts beating as one :).

Pray for my speech tomorrow as I’m very nervous but very honored at the same time.

Thanks for following my life and adventures we go through. I cherish all the relationships I have made in my short time on this beautiful planet and can’t wait for many more!


Who needs a fly fishing vacation in Montana?


So I just looked at my schedule and I’m booking up fast. The only days I have available are June 16, 17, 18, 24, 25, and 26th of this month.

In July I have July 2,3, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31st.

In August I have August 1, 2, 7, 9, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30th.

Go to to look at testimonials and on how to book a trip or go to and click book now.

It will be my pleasure to treat you to a great day on the river relaxing, smiling, and having fun catching beautiful trout while being in beautiful scenic Montana! 20140603-212938-77378004.jpg

Fishing with our new friend Dave from RIO


As I have mentioned in past post, my favorite thing about fly fishing, is meeting new friends. I met a lifetime friend this week. His name is Dave and he is one heck of a fly fisherman and even better yet he is a great human. I hope to do many more adventures with him in the future and go visit him in his neck of the woods.

My cousin, Dave and me went to the Big Horn River to try out some new RIO lines and just to have some fun. If you don’t fly fish with a RIO line you’re missing out! Their lines are superb to any fly fishing lines out there right now. The technology that goes into making their lines is top notch and designed by actual fly fisherman. I highly suggest the RIO perception for your day to day floating line. You will be so happy you did. We also played with the indicator line for nymphing and it is also top notch. You can roll cast a heavy rig with ease and precision.

I hope you enjoy our fishing day out on the river. Make sure you order some RIO line as well. I will be doing a blog post all about it soon.

Is Simms apparal worth the price tag??


Is Simms apparal worth the price tag?

Let me answer this question by going over some of my favorite things I own of Simms and then letting you know what I think.

Brief description of how much I use my Simms gear on a yearly basis:

I am a full time guide in Montana on the Big Horn River in beautiful Montana. I fish all year round. Which means temperatures from the mid 20’s to the low 100’s. When I’m not guiding I am fishing small creeks and rivers where I am bushwhacking through brush and really gnarly terrain. I fish at least 160 days a year.

Okay let’s review some gear that I own.

*PS: I have no affiliation with Simms as of now. I hope that they accept me to their pro staff team someday but as of now I am just a guide that buys their products.


G4Z Stocking Foot Waders: The price tag on these babies are $799.95.

For that kind of money these better be amazing! My wife wasn’t happy when I purchased these waders but let me tell you, They are awesome!!

If you are guiding full time or the river is your second or first home these are the very best. The zipper is amazing for going to the bathroom real fast and also is 100% waterproof. Their has been many times where I am chest deep and keep completely dry. The gore-tex is great and it actually breaths really well. I stay comfortable on really cold days and cool on those days in the 80’s. If it gets hotter than that I am usually in shorts and wet wading.

The thing that was unexpected on these waders was the comfort factor. The straps that come with these waders are so comfortable. They never wear on your shoulders. You actually forget you are wearing waders most of the time.

I have had these waders for two seasons now and still have not had a leak or tear in them. If for some reason you do, Simms is amazing on fixing them or warrantying them.

I can’t think of anything negative to say about these besides being pricey for the fly fisherman who only goes out once in a while.



G3 Guide Pant $499.95

I also have the guide pant. I love these for the days I know I won’t get in the water past my waist. They are easy to get on and off and feel like you are just wearing pants. Great for the warmer days when water temps are still cold enough for waders. They are very durable and I haven’t had a problem with leaks or tears. I am also very careful with my waders. I always put them on by placing a car mat on the ground and try to avoid ever putting them on rocks or dirt.

Negative on these waders: They are pricey for the average fisherman. Other than that you will love them unless you wade to deep :).


G4 Boa Boot $239.95

If you haven’t tried the Boa tightening system already, you are missing out! One of the things I hate most on the river is having your shoe laces untie. This system takes care of that and also let’s your foot feel tight and secure while wading or hiking. I am a huge fan of korkers which I still own and love but wanted to give these a shot this year. I like these a little more because of having a solid rubber sole that doesn’t detach. Korkers had a great idea when they decided to make the detachable soles but I have had so many occasions where the bottoms of my shoes will come apart. Then I am spending too much time trying to put them back on. So I am a huge fan of the solid rubber bottom shoes.

Negative feedback: I hate to say this but not much. They feel great on my foot and seem to do the job great!


Headwaters GORE-TEX Jacket Price $199.95.

So my wife and I both have the Simms Gore-tex Jacket. All I have to say about jackets when you are fishing is MAKE SURE THEY ARE GORE-TEX!!! I can’t say this enough. It is miserable being wet and cold when you are on the river. The Gore Tex keeps all the water away from your layers and skin. This jacket even has velcro on the wrist to make sure water doesn’t go up your jacket when you are releasing that fish you just caught. I also love the thought process that went into this jacket. It has a soft area around your face and neck so when you zip it up all the way, you are very comfortable. I love this jacket so much I even wear it hunting.

Negative: If you want a really long jacket make sure you contact Simms and get the correct one. Some of the Gore Tex jackets can run small. Looks fine with waders on but using it as a everyday jacket you might want something longer.


ExStream Jacket Price $249.95

This is my go to jacket when it is cold but not raining. I actually wear this jacket everywhere! It is so comfortable, looks great, and is very warm. My wife laughs at me because I freak out when I can’t find it.

Negative: Absolutely nothing! This is one of my favorite things from Simms!!


Simms Fishing Shirts Price from $59.95 to $99.95

I would say 90% of the fishing shirts I own are Simms. They have different shirts for every season. When it’s 80 degrees and above I love their ultra light UPF shirts. They help fight off the sun rays and are so comfortable. They are light weight and feels like you aren’t wearing anything. I also have the bug stopper fly fishing shirts. They are great for reducing the amount of bugs that land on you, especially mosquito’s.

Negative: They are expensive but the good news if you spend the money for one you will have a new favorite shirt to wear every time you are on the water.


ColdWeather Shirt Price $99.95

If you only own one cold weather shirt, please do yourself a favor, and purchase this one! I wear this shirt constantly in the winter from hunting birds, elk, and of course fishing. It is micro fleeced inside and feels like a warm blanket against your skin. After I purchased one my dad had to purchase one. His fiance has to remind my dad to wash this shirt once in awhile. He never wants to take it off.

Negative: Nothing! Do yourself a favor and have a couple in your winter wardrobe!


Dry Creek Roll-Top Bag $149.95

One thing that I offer on my guided trips is professional photography. I carry a canon 7d or 5d with me at all times. This bag is amazing! It’s waterproof which is great for protecting my camera and also keeping things from getting wet. I love the big opening on the top of this bag. It makes it very easy to get to everything. I also love that it is a backpack that way I can wet wade with it or go hiking with it. It is an awesome accessory for any boat or fly fisherman.

Negative: It does what it needs to do, so again I can’t think of anything.


Dry Creek Roll-Top Bag Price $49.95

Dry bags can sometimes be a pain because you forget what’s in them. This eliminates that problem by being able to see what’s in your bag without having to dig everything out just to find out. This is a must for people going out a lot on the river.

Negative: One of my bags developed a leak but that was after quite a few years. I am sure Simms would replace it but I haven’t checked with them yet.


Windstopper Foldover Mitten $59.95

I own 4 pairs of these. I make sure on a cold day my clients are taken care of and so am I. I love how these can turn into mittens when you’re not fishing. The insides of the gloves are very comfortable and also dry out very fast if they do get wet.

Negative: Just like any gloves you lose some feel of the rod. So maybe put some grippyness on the palm might be nice.


ExStream Wading Socks Price $29.95

These are the only socks I wear in the winter time. They are so comfortable and keep my feet warm through out the day. I also wear them snowboarding because of how well they work. Every cold weather fisherman needs a couple pairs of these.

Negative: Just need more pairs of them, so that’s on me.


As you can tell I am a huge Simms fan. They just make quality durable products that last a long time. The company is great to work with if you do ever have a problem and they are here to last. I own a lot more Simms products but these are a few of my favorites. Please email me or contact me if you have any questions on any of Simms other products and if I have it, I will be more than happy to let you know what I think.

I hope this helps you out! Good luck and remember to have lot’s of fun while you fish :)


Trout Porn Fly Fishing Trip Missouri River Trip 2014


Follow us and team Trout Porn on a trip to the Missouri River near Craig, MT. We catch lots of big rainbows and some brown trout. It was a really fun weekend and I can’t wait to hang out with them again. Enjoy