Why it’s so important to be confident in yourself and to love who you are.

Do you always want to be someone else or do you love who you are?

It took me a lot and I mean a lot of years to figure out who I am by my own standards and without anybody telling me who I was. I’m still working on it but opening my eyes and spirit to challenge myself daily to be myself is a struggle but very rewarding.

What I am finding out about living a life where I love who I am is that I am realizing my purpose in this life.

My purpose is way different than yours and that is the great thing about being human. We are all born with different passions and life purposes.

When you decide to be yourself and stop worrying about being someone who someone else wants you to be it is very freeing.

Your priorities, goals and days are filled with fulfilling your life purpose instead of the pressures you get from family and friends. You wake up wanting to do what you love instead of living a life your DNA is not meant to pursue.

We all have yearnings and dreams to accomplish and as long as they are coming from a pure heart and you have faith they will come to be.

This doesn’t mean you wont have your bad days where you want to do absolutely nothing or fill overwhelmed with the obstacles of life. It just means you are confident of your purpose and those bad days don’t turn into bad weeks, months or even years.

When I was the most depressed in my life a few years back it was hard to even get out of bed. Now that I look back on those times I’m starting to realize the number one thing I did to get that way was to bury my feelings and not properly process them.

If you are religious or even if your not the best thing you can do is to have a sabbath day or a day of complete rest and meditation. To go through your thoughts and feelings and journel about them. Learn about yourself and there is nothing better to do this by having a day a week dedicated to solitude and self seeking.

Most problems in life come from not knowing ourselfs enough and taking time to love ourself. If we don’t love ourself how can we possibly love others.

This book is a must read. It will help get your life back on track and will pump you up to be the very best you!

Check out reviews and what this book is about.


I sure hope your finding lots of happiness in your life right now but if your going through tough times or even if your not this book is truly inspirational in being a better you.

I love all of you a lot and hope you become the very best you in this life :)!

Where in Wyoming should I go for my fly fishing vacation? (Booking your fly fishing trip in Wyoming)

Who needs a fly fishing vacation??

Let me guide you to some of the biggest and best fighting fish in the state!

This is the perfect destination for families as well. Monster Lake Ranch has horseback riding, hiking trails, shooting areas and is only 90 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. Go to http://www.yellowstonecountry.org/ to see everything you can do in Cody, Wyoming and around it.

Book a fly fishing day with me at Monster Lake Ranch this spring, summer, or fall. Click on this link to find out more and book your trip today: www.monsterlakeranch.com

What can you expect at Monster Lake Ranch? 

Fly fishing only, from the bank or boat, offer an opportunity for fly fisherman of all abilities to catch trout of their dreams. 20+ fish with 20″ averages are common. Brookies up to 4 lbs, Browns up to 10 lbs, and Rainbows up to 12 lbs are all catchable at Monster Lake.

How to book you trip to Monster Lake Ranch.

PHONE:  (307) 587-5960
MAILING ADDRESS:  PO Box 714  Cody, Wyoming 82414
RANCH ADDRESS:  29 Nielson Road  Cody, Wyoming 82414

Hang out at the Cutthroat Saloon after fishing for some drinks and entertainment.

Lodging and multiple day trips are available as well. 


Tri-Plex Cabin


The Cutthroat 

The Cutthroat Suite has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a living room.

June-September $200.00 / night

April, October, November $150.00 / night

The Rainbow

The Rainbow Suite has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a living room.

June-September $200.00 / night

April, October, November $150.00 / night

The Pheasant’s Roost

The Pheasant’s Roost has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room.

June-September $300.00 / night

April, October, November $250.00 / night

Cowboy Camp

ml_cowboy_camp_top2Camp under the stars at Monster Lake… One wall tent and two cowboy tipis are nestled high above the ranch in the historic rimrocks. Hike, camp, and spend some time at one of the most private places on the ranch. Views of almost the entire ranch and Monster Lake await you from a short walk up the rocks. Give us a call today to reserve your spot!

I hope to see you this year and for many years to come!! 

Why I like to fish


For me fishing is a day for my mind and spirit to relax. It’s time away from everyday’s distractions. It’s having your best friends and family with you enjoying something you all love. It’s a place where time seems to slip away and you love every moment of it. If anything you just wish you could pause life at that very moment and be exactly where you are.


It’s hanging out with your best furry friends or your best human friends in some of the prettiest settings God blessed us with. Hearing the rushing water between your feet as you cast to a rising trout in the distance. Your mind and soul is filled with nothing more than just happiness at that moment in time.

It’s about the people you meet along the way. The smiles and laughs you get to share with people that you might of never met otherwise. It’s helping others with dreams and aspirations of catching there first fish or possibly there last fish. It’s sharing life stories and being part of something bigger than just fishing. Relationships are something to cherish and the river seems to bring the very best out of people.


It’s about finding who you are and loving who you are. I love to have fun, be goofy, and most of all love the people I spend my day with. Every time we hang out with someone we have a huge opportunity to help them in their journey of life. I hope when I am at the end of my life, I will be remembered as a enthusiastic, fun, loving man who just happened to love taking people fishing.

942649_374097009373598_944873646_n 920452_379723312144301_1312589820_o

Fishing is about finding friends who are like you and embracing the craziness that comes with that. The most fun I have on the river or lakes fishing are the times I fish with people that are like minded. That just want to have fun and have enough confidence in themselves we don’t need to talk bad about anybody else ever. We are in the moment and enjoy the company of each other so much and that’s all that matters.

Fishing with your family is something that means so much to me. Every year we plan multiple trips to the Big Hole, Missouri River, Florida, and so many other places. These trips are always amazing and makes your family so much stronger. Family fishing trips are a must and every minute is something I cherish so much.

Taking multiple day trips with friends makes the fishing experience even more special. There is nothing more special then spending a week straight with the people you love most. Make sure you plan one of these every summer and just watch what it does for your soul and your creativity. This summer is going to be full of many new adventures and I am so excited for them. I hope I get to fish with many new friends this year. Never hesitate to call or email me if you want to join us on one of our personal trips.


Go explore somewhere your phones don’t work and the stars are brighter. Something about being on a backpack adventure makes you come alive inside. One of the best trips I took in my life was to the Bob Marshall wilderness with a group of amazing friends. It is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Montana is huge and make sure you go explore!!

I really hope to share a day of fishing with you this summer and for many summers to come. When you hire me as a guide, you will be getting a friend for life. We will have the time of our lives and you will leave with a feeling of pure joy and happiness.

Come book a trip with me at Monster Lake Ranch this summer and let’s go have some fun together while catching you some amazing fish :)


Website is: Monster Lake Ranch

You can also book a trip on the famous Big Horn River by calling outfitter Andy Elser at 406-850-9990.

I’m so excited for this summer! It’s going to be a great one. I can’t wait to meet the new people that come into my life this year and of course all of my past clients that I love dearly!

Who wants to go Fishing for Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit, or you may fish for Snook, Jacks, Tuna, Barracuda, Snapper, Grouper, Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish, and more.

Hosted Trip To COSTA DE COCOS, XCALAK with Matt and Tracy. 

6 spots available. Book by emailing me at mattandtracyadventures@gmail.com. I look forward to fishing with you in May and June!! 

Near Cancun Mexico

“Xcalak … the last best place for inshore fishing”

                                                     Southwest Fly Fishing

Dates: May 30th until June 6th 2015

Seven nights, Six fly fishing days $3095 pp double occupancy

Flights from Major Airports to Cancun are very reasonable.  

For example: Denver To Cancun is around $430 dollars round trip. 


  • Fully guided flats fishing
  • Lodging (double occupancy – room for eight)
  • Airport transfers to and from Cancun airport/lodge
  • Full Breakfast to order, Lunch, happy hour snacks, dinner, all drinks, beer, and bottled water
  • Fishing licenses
  • Internet access – and use of lodge computer
  • All taxes

Fly into Cancun, Mexico on Friday night and overnight in the hotel of your choice. On Saturday morning you will picked up at a time to be specified. Other arrangements can be made for an additional charge. It is about a five hour transfer from Cancun to the lodge. You will check in and have an orientation and some food. The rest of
the day is to rest up for the week!

The Lodge and surroundings

RRA-Logo_final_smallThis Trip is a hosted trip with Matt and Tracy through           Rod and Reel Adventures. Dale Williams the owner has been fishing and traveling the world for over twenty-five years and he has owned Rod and Reel Adventures since late 2000. Rod and Reel Adventures is a fishing travel agency. And we want to be your fishing travel agent.

For more information and to book this trip contact Matt at 406-697-9992 or if you have questions about the fishery itself Dale has fished Costa de Cocos on several occasions and can answer any of your questions.

Email – dale@rodreeladventures.com
Toll Free – 1-800-356-6982
Office – 1-541-349-0777

website is: http://www.rodreeladventures.com/costadecocosxcalak.html

Check out the Lodges website at: http://costadecocos.com/fishing.html

Yellowstone Cutthroat Project (Please help this amazing community of Meeteetse with this project and our beautiful Yellowstone Cutthroat)

Vote for this project once a day starting now until March 25th by clicking this link: http://www.samsung.com/us/solvefortomorrow/project/wyoming-trout-rerouting.html!!

You can vote for this project at the bottom of the page when you click the link above. Please share with your friends and family.

Here is a great link to a video KULR 8 out of Billings did: Meeteetse Yellowstone Trout Project

This is a David VS Goliath story


Meeteetse is a town in Park County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 327 at the 2010 census

Meeteetse and they Yellowstone Cutthroat are up against some major cities and competition. We need your help in helping David beat Goliath!

3D Model 1

Meeteetse School’s Biology and Life Science classes have been involved in a contest called the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest. This contest asked K-12 students to use Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math (STEM) to solve a problem in our community. We submitted a project, and entered a journey that has taken us to being a National Top 15 Finalist! We will now be headed to NYC March 17-19 to make our final “Pitch” for our project to be National Winners worth $140,000 in Samsung technology and prizes!

What is this project about and how does it help the Yellowstone Cutthroat??? 

The Problem:

The Yelowstone Cutthroat trout is a threatened species that inhabits the region within the Greater Yellowstone Region. Through the years through habitat degradation and loss, over-harvesting, and inter-breeding with other species, it has lost 90% of its’ historical range.

The Greybull River, which flows through Meeteetse, is one of the last places where much of its’ habitat and genetic purity has stayed relatively intact.

However, it does not mean that there are not threats within our quaint valley present. Throughout the Greybull River drainage their are numerous barriers, often in the form of irrigation diversions, that prevent the Yellowstone Cutthroat from migrating to the upper tributaries to spawn, or cause them to be lost into irrigation ditches where they eventually die. If the the fish’s numbers continue to decline not only will a precious, native resource be lost forever, but impacts from potential environmental regulations may threaten the agricultural, tourism, and natural resource-based economy that our little town depends on.

The Project:

Through the coordination with Trout Unlimited, Wyoming Game and Fish, and a local rancher, our students have set out to plan and design a trout screen to be installed at an irrigation diversion that allows fish to be lost into the ditch and eventually into the farmer’s gated pipe. In the fields below. This screen will prevent fish, and especially the Yellowstone Cutthroat trout from moving into the ditch while continuing to provide irrigation water to the fields, and reducing maintenance in cleaning dead fish from the gated pipe. Further consideration must be made in the design to prevent debris, in the form of rocks, and vegetation from building up on the screen reducing water flow, and possible damage to the screen, from occurring.


  1. Meet with Jason Burkhardt, Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist
  2. Visit the Pickett Creek Irrigation Diversion and measure/ sketch the site for the design process
  3. Map the migration of tagged Yellowstone Cutthroat trout in the Greybull River, and locate the diversion, using Google Earth Pro.
  4. Draw a digital 3D model of the irrigation diversion to be used to visualize the trout screen once design using SketchUp Pro.
  5. Build a real 3D model to test the most effective angle for screen placement to reduce debris buildup.
  6. Research potential screen types for greatest prevention of fish loss, maximum irrigation flow, and reduction of debris accumulation on the screen.
  7. Finalize screen design, including brush to eliminate debris buildup and solar panel location to provide power source for automation and reduce maintenance.
  8. Draw proposed screen design on existing digital 3D model using SketchUp.
  9. Create a slide show presentation communicating the identified challenges, project objectives, and proposed solutions for these challenges, with final digital representation of our design.
  10. Present our findings, and design, to TU official and Pitchfork Ranch manager for consideration.

KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

Sport Ear is a game changer for anybody that needs ear protection or people with hearing loss. (Protect your ears!!!)


I have been traveling around from trade show to trade show selling Sport Ear products. These products are absolutely amazing… let me explain some of my favorites.

I have my own kit and can do custom molds for anybody. Please let me know if you’re interested in getting a free hearing test. I’m located in Billings, MT but travel to a lot of different places as well.

The Sport Ear hearing aids are anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500/pair, depending on your hearing damage.The same hearing aid from our parent company Axil, will cost you up to $8,000 a pair. I love helping people get into these amazing products for such an amazing price. Protecting your ears and correcting your damaged ears with the sport ear is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Once you lose your hearing there is no way to get it back. So do yourself a huge favor and protect your ears all the time with these amazing products.

What I love most about this company is they back everything up:

  • 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Guaranteed Financing
  • Free Shipping*
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This company is amazing and I am honored to be part of their team. Here is a basic overview and below are some of the products that will help protect and help your hearing.


Plugz-XP3 (Black) $15.99

Mention you heard about this product from Montana Matt.

Comfort Fit™

Unsurpassed Comfort-Fit in Earplugs
You’ll enjoy unparalleled comfort in an earplug with our soft medical-grade hypoallergenic soft polymer and multi-flange design. And they’re virtually impossible to lose, even without an intrusive, tethering lanyard, due to our unique Stay Put ring, ergonomically designed to maintain position and comfort in your ear.

Hearing Protection

Best Hearing Protection
Your hearing remains protected without interfering with your ability to hear what’s going on around you in the field… SportEAR XP3 Plugz revolutionary design secret is a patented “sound valve” through the core of the hypoallergenic soft polymer shell. Safe sound levels are allowed to pass through while potentially harmful noise levels above 85dB are reduced. The XP3 Plugz have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 12 dB with the valve open and a NRR of 24 dB with the valve closed.

Washable & Reusable

Washable & Reusable Earplugs
The SportEAR Comfort-Fit hypoallergenic soft polymer solution is designed for easy maintenance and a lifetime of use. This non-allergenic material is durable and easily washable to reuse as many times as you like. Simply wash and place back in its original container until your next use. And since you can’t lose ‘em, why not keep using them for a long time to come.


Affordable & Disposable Earplugs
SportEAR XP3 Plugs offer the perfect combination of superior comfort and design with extraordinary economy and value. Quality enough to keep forever, economical enough to toss when the time is right.


XT4 Ear Muffs $99.00

Mention you heard about this product from Montana Matt.

Hearing Enhancement

More than Hearing Aid… Hearing Enhancement
Like all SportEAR X-Treme Head muffs, you get state-of-the-art technology designed to not just help you hear, but actually make you hear better. With up to 8X sound amplification and enjoy total control over both volume and frequency, allowing you to zero-in on just the sounds you want to hear. Zero in on your target; even hear your hunting buddies jokes, but only if you want to! You can block out their noise with the twist of a dial.

Hearing Protection

Best Hearing Protection
Even at full volume, you can pull the trigger with confidence knowing that the sound-blocker circuit kicks in above 85dB. Experience the best hearing protection available with our 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

Comfort Fit, Comfortable Hearing

The Industry’s Most Comfortable Fit
XT4 Head muffs, feature SportEAR’s signature lightweight polymer plastic for a comfortable, light fit and rugged durability. And our sleek, low-profile cups are specifically designed for maximum effectiveness when shooting rifles. Versatile too, providing excellent performance in a wide range of field conditions, and utility in all kinds of shooting, motor-sports and other situations.

Exceptional Value

Experience Exceptional Value with the XT4
When only the best will do for you, the XT4 provides more quality and versatility, durability and utility than any other muff at any other price. You get more features, superior circuitry, unmatched control, and greater range of uses. Any way you slice it, the XT4s are the greatest value on the market.


GhostStryke $499

Mention you heard about this product from Montana Matt.

This is it!

100% Digital Sound Clarity

SportEAR is the source for GhostStryke.

Hear everything around you but the loud boom of the gun!  Imagine time at the range or in the field and you are able to converse or even hear the game that you are stalking but have up to 30 DB NRR with the included foam tips.

Offers hearing amplification of up to 6x’s the normal range.

How can you use GhostStryke?

  • Hunting
  • Shooting Range
  • Sporting Events
  • Industrial Noises

Experience the edge of performance hearing enhancement with automatic & simultaneous hearing protection without big, bulky head muffs. Axil- the maker of the industry leader SportEAR is proud to introduce the Ghost Stryke line for tactical, industrial, safety, auto-racing, concerts, sporting events and any other application that requires you to maintain optimal hearing advantage, while simultaneously protecting your hearing. You no longer have to be inconvenienced with bulky head muffs or large, outdated, uncomfortable behind the ear devices that get in the way of your comfort or performance.



Custom Series 30

Custom Series 210

Custom Series 412

Custom Series 812
Power 30db 36db 42db 48+db
Max Noise Reduction -24db -24db -24db -24db
100% Digital
Feedback Reduction
Custom Fit Available
Advanced Feedback Cancel
Background Noise Reduction
Multi-Program Memory
Event Data Logging



Custom 812

Mention you heard about this product from Montana Matt.

Legendary Sound Performance

100% Digital Sound Clarity
SportEAR is the clear leader in sound performance. And in this revolutionary device, you’ll hear the finest of details in the outdoors or any other environment. Our proprietary SportEAR Digital Signal Processing (DSP) processes over a million sounds per second, giving you 100% Digital sound re-creation for the very best sound clarity available. You get a sensational extra edge in the field that lets you hear all the details in nature, your rival sportsmen can only wish to hear. Also excellent for daily wear.

8 Digital Channels
Very simply- a channel is an independent amplifier. The Custom 812 gives you an unprecedented 8 independent channels, so we can program every sound frequency independently (i.e low frequencies, mid lows, mids, mid highs, highs, etc). This is the most advanced fine-tuning you can get on any sport hearing device. We can program sound more precisely and accurately for your specific hearing or for specific environments you find yourself in. You will be able to hear the game before anyone else, in any outdoor environment, giving you that extra edge.

12 Digital Bands
A digital band is an equalizer band within the channel (amplifier) so each specific frequency within that channel is fine-tuned to your precise needs or wants. It’s like an equalizer on a high end home stereo system – only for your hearing enhancement and protection needs.

Programmable & Reprogrammable The Custom 812 100% Digital technology allows us to program your SportEAR device to your exact hearing needs more precisely than any other device in the class. By connecting your SportEAR to our computer and using our proprietary software interface to program the micro circuit, to enhance sound according to your specific needs or even to your professional hearing chart (audiogram). If your needs or your hearing changes along the way, we can easily reprogram your SportEAR to match those changes in the future.

48 dB Volume/Gain
The Custom 812 delivers the strongest range of volume control available anywhere, for people with normal hearing to severe hearing loss. Just push the button to your desired volume setting for various environments and instantly select just the hearing help you want and need.

Background Noise Suppressor™ 4x
Noisier environments? The SportEAR Background Noise Suppressor automatically enhances speech while suppressing distracting background noise, making it easier for you to focus on the sounds you want to hear, while blocking out less desirable sounds. This is the newest and most advanced background noise suppression technology available.

Whistle Canceller™ 4x
Unwanted feedback/whistling coming from your hearing device is gone forever. This is the newest and most advanced whistle cancellation technology available. Every SportEAR device uses the most advanced line of technology which automatically cancels any whistle in your device for your comfort and ease of use.

Two Types of Hearing Protection

AutoBlocker™ Digital Compression
AutoBlocker™ easily handles single shots for big game hunting, (multiple shots for those of you who can’t hit it with a single shot), rapid shooting for waterfowl, trap, skeet, full auto machine guns or all day .50 cal shooting.

Eliminate the pain, the distraction and even flinching with SportEAR AutoBlocker technology. Digital compression is the most advanced and comfortable technology for hearing protection. Every sound entering your SportEAR is converted to digital information – no longer an actual sound – then is recreated into a more comfortable and safe sound before hitting your eardrum and inner ear. All this happens in milliseconds and never interrupts the sounds you need to hear.

Custom Fit- Best Fit
You’ve got to feel-to-appreciate the exceptional comfort of truly personalized fit, only available when you send us molds of your ear and we customize the fit exactly to your ear canal. This is the very best fit you can achieve. The Custom Fit slips discreetly in your ear with a medical grade, non-allergenic material for best fit & comfort. Note: Never place hard bulky foam plugs in your ear like so many competitors offer. They are harsh on your sensitive ear canal and should never be worn.

Comfort Fit Technology

Ergonomic Design & Nearly Invisible Size-
You’ll LOVE the exactness of the Custom Fit. It matches every twist and turn in your ear canal for the perfect fit. A perfect fit is the key to maximum best comfort and performance.

The Custom Fit line – like every SportEAR miniature hearing product – is designed by the best hearing professionals and engineers in the industry who also happen to be avid outdoorsmen and women. The Custom Fit line is designed for maximum comfort and performance. This tiny device will slip easily into your ear and stay there all day. The Custom Fit is so comfortable you’ll hardly notice it’s there at all.

Ergonomic Design & Nearly Invisible Size
Notice the detail in this tiny device. The Custom line – and every SportEAR miniature hearing product – is designed by the best hearing professionals and engineers in the industry, who also happen to be avid outdoorsmen and women. Each Custom product contours your ear perfectly and is so lightweight and invisible that you and others around won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

Performance Technology

Water Resistant
The Custom Fit sits so discreetly in the ear protecting it from wind, rain and other outdoor environments. The combination of the polymer plastic faceplate and the non-allergenic, medical grade polymer shell keep the moisture out and performance in. Note: Any electronic device will last longer and perform better when you take extra care to dry it off and store it in a dry place when not in use.

Wind Cover for Microphone
Avoid the annoying wind noise found in competitive models. SportEAR places the Custom Fit deep in the canal to allow the acoustic design of your outer ear to keep out wind noise, as nature intended. The Custom Fit also utilizes a highly, effective cover designed to keep the wind out of the device so you hear what you want, not excessive wind.

Uses a Standard Size 10 Battery
Conveniently order these long-lasting batteries directly from SportEAR by calling 866.422.5502 for the best prices and freshest batteries. We specifically rotate our stock rapidly to insure the freshest batteries. You can also find these batteries easily at grocery, mart and pharmacy stores.

Low Battery Signal
Be aware that when your SportEAR beeps four times in a row that you have about ten-to-twenty minutes before your battery will die and need replacement.

Wyoming Cut Slam Challenge (A really fun way to fly fish in Wyoming)



This Wyoming program encourages anglers to learn more about the four cut throat sub-species in their native range in Wyoming.

This program was designed for the angler and for people to gain more appreciation and support of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s cutthroat management program.

Check out more on their official website at: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/web2011/fishing-1000209.aspx

The application: 


Wyoming Cutthroat Slam Verification Form For Certificate

Wyoming’s Cutthroat Waters:

Where do you find the four sub species of Wyoming’s Cutthroat’s? 

Colorado River Cutthroat: coloradoriver

All waters within the Green River Drainage including but not restricted to:

Tosi Creek, Rock Creek, and Gypsum Creek watersheds Pinedale Regional Office
Horse Creek watershed Pinedale Regional Office
Cottonwood Creek watershed Pinedale Regional Office
North Piney Creek watershed including North Piney Lake Pinedale Regional Office
South Piney Creek watershed Pinedale Regional Office
LaBarge Creek watershed Pinedale Regional Office
Hams Fork River watershed Green River Regional Office
Little Snake River watershed Green River Regional Office
Blacks Fork River watershed Green River Regional Office
Smiths Fork River of the Blacks Fork watershed Green River Regional Office

Pinedale Regional Office phone:
307-367-4352 or In-State Only at 1-800-452-9107
Green River Regional Office phone:
307-875-3223 or In-State Only at 1-800-843-8096

Bonneville Cutthroat (Bear River Cutthroat): bonneville

All waters within the Bear River Drainage including but not restricted to:

Smiths Fork River of the Bear River including Hobble Creek and Lake Alice Pinedale Regional Office
Thomas Fork River including Salt Creek Pinedale Regional Office
Sulphur Creek Reservoir Green River Regional Office

Pinedale Regional Office phone:
307-367-4352 or In-State Only at 1-800-452-9107
Green River Regional Office phone:
307-875-3223 or In-State Only at 1-800-843-8096

Snake River Cutthroat: snakecutt_580

All waters within the Snake River Drainage including but not restricted to:

Hoback River watershed Jackson Regional Office
Salt River watershed Jackson Regional Office
Greys River watershed Jackson Regional Office
Gros Ventre watershed Jackson Regional Office
Jackson Lake Jackson Regional Office
Palisades Reservoir Jackson Regional Office

Jackson Regional Office phone:
307-733-2321 or In-State Only at 1-800-423-4113

Yellowstone Cutthroat: yellcutt_580

All waters within the headwaters of the Missouri River Drainage including but not restricted to:

Yellowstone River watershed including Yellowstone Lake Cody Regional Office
Clarks Fork River watershed Cody Regional Office
Big Horn River watershed Cody Regional Office
Shoshone River watershed Cody Regional Office
Buffalo Bill Reservoir Cody Regional Office
Little Big Horn River watershed Sheridan Regional Office
Tongue River watershed Sheridan Regional Office
Wind River watershed Lander Regional Office

Cody Regional Office phone:
307-527-7125 or In-State Only at 1-800-654-1178
Sheridan Regional Office phone:
307-672-7418 or In-State Only at 1-800-331-9834
Lander Regional Office phone:


If this sounds like something you would love to do, click this link: 




Have a great time and I hope you get your Wyoming Cut Slam this Summer!! 


How to live a purpose driven life (Loving Life and how to stay positive)



How do you live a purpose driven life that includes your passions??

I believe God gives us different passions through out our life. It’s then up to us to find a way to make that passion into a lifestyle that honors God and others. Sometimes, it feels impossible to live out your passions and make a living at it as well. That’s when you have to be brutally honest with yourself and ask a couple questions:

#1- Is the life I am wanting completely selfish or are you helping others at the same time?

#2- If you are helping others, how is it helping?

#3- Who else has this passion and how can you become  part of a team that wants the same thing?

#4- A successful team is part of a system that needs everyone to be passionate and want to succeed. The best teams I have ever been on in my life are the teams that don’t have failure in their vocabulary.

#5- Everybody has their own passion and it’s not up to you to convince people of your passion. If you are having to convince people to be part of your team they are not a good fit.

Once you figure out the answers to these questions, it’s time to figure out what you are going to do to fill your soul and also help others fill theirs.

I am passionate about the http://www.refugefoundation.org/ and what they do to help the people they are focused on. I have never been on a refuge trip where I didn’t feel God’s extreme love and blessings on the volunteers and people we are serving that week.

Here is some footage of our Refuge Foundation fishing trips on the Big Horn River. 

Here are some of the people we have helped with the Refuge Foundation talking about their experience. Let me know if you want to be part of this in 2015 and we need as much help as possible. 

Your passions might lead you to create something completely different. The good news is we need that! We need as many things in this world to get people passionate about their life again. No one deserves to be sad or not to live a life of passion.

Here are some tips on how to change your everyday outlook on life and be excited to wake up every morning and do your very best:

# 1- Find a support group of family and friends that you can call, email, meet up, or text that are positive and look at life in a optimistic way. People that always bring you up and make you a better you.

# 2- Start keeping track of the things that bring you down. The things that cause anxiety, stress, sadness, or just make you mad. Start eliminating those things, people, activities that cause these bad emotions. You’ll never completely eliminate that stuff because the devil is always trying to beat us up. The good news is though, once you notice and are more aware of them, you can be quicker at eliminating those things.

# 3- Don’t be luke warm on anything. Be okay with taking a stance and being proud of it. Especially if its a positive message. There will always be people wanting to take your happiness away. It doesn’t make sense to me and I pray for those people everyday. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Know what you stand for and keep positive.

# 4- Find people that you look up to and try to meet them for coffee. The best thing you can do is surround yourself with people that are successful in life and relationships. You will start noticing you become the person you hang out with the most. So my advice is to find people you want to strive to be like.

# 5- Always do things that don’t make sense as long as you get to make it a positive adventure. I don’t know how many times Tracy and I have made random road trips to meet someone we have never met in person. Most of the time something happens with that trip that has changed our life’s and paths forever.

For every 2 bad comments I get from people telling me I am a joke to the fly fishing industry I get 100 unbelievable comments from people that appreciate the love I have for people and teaching fly fishing and how to love people more.

I’m different than a lot of guides and outfitters out there. I care way more about the people I get to serve for the day than anything else. I want my clients/friends to come off the river being pumped up for life and feel like they can conquer the world. Money is just money but the souls of people is what I’m truly passionate about. Everybody has a story and a passion and I want to hear about that and help motivate them to reach their full potential.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams! Make sure you go out there everyday and conquer your fears and break through the doors of adversity. There is a life out there for you that will create so much freedom and lifelong relationships you could only dream of.

I love that you all follow my blog and I hope I can motivate you to be a even better person than you already are.

Love you all very much and sure hope I get to meet many of you in the future :).

Follow this link and I am going to start a community page where we motivate each other to be the very best we can be. A place of no negativity just love and honest help.

It can be about fishing, life, relationships or anything that will make us better people.

Please join and let’s start a community of love, encouragement and sense of helping people!

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This group is for people wanting to know how to tie a fly, tie a certain knot, or just fishing questions.

It’s also a group where we help people get started in making their own business and give good feedback from our own experiences.

This group is a place where we can all feel safe and make all of us better people because of it.

Please click the link above to be part of the group and start sharing your stories, questions, and positive attitude.


Why can’t guides advertise in Montana. We need change. (Things need to change in Montana)

Things in this country are being over-regulated and this is just one more. 


As you may or may not know, I am a guide in Montana. I guide under several outfitters in the Montana Region. I have been fly fishing my whole life… (since I was 5 or so). I just starting guiding two years ago and love it. I am as busy as I want to be and the biggest reason for that is because of my followers. I am very grateful for your support and spreading my posts on social media. Getting the word out there to the masses about how I love fly fishing and how I love people, has made me the guide I am today. I have had many clients book me through my outfitter because of an article I wrote, a video I was in, or something they saw on social media about me. I have met the most amazing people because of it and continue to gain unbelievable relationships.  So first off, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

So with me stating all of this, let me go into something a little deeper, something I need your help and/or advice on.


So recently, I found out the following… and man does it make me mad. I want to fight this for the guides out there that are working there butts off for the clients we pour into on a daily basis.

This is straight from this PDF form which you can find here: http://foam-mt.org/downloads/FOAMLINEDecember2014.pdf

“Client solicitation rules allow only outfitters to advertise to
the general public when seeking clients and require an outfitter’s
registered business or personal name and outfitter license number
in the ad. Guides may only advertise their services to outfitters, not
the general public. When advertising to outfitters in public media
(newspapers, magazines, websites, e-newsletters, Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), guides “shall include a clear and conspicuous
disclaimer that advises the general public that the advertisement
is for outfitters only, not the general public.” And, a guide may
only make agreements with clients concerning monetary consideration
or services offered, or collect fees from clients, with the express
consent of the supervising outfitter.” (See the following article for
updated information regarding FWP commercial rules and guide fee

Two new rules allow outfitters to “enter into an arrangement
with a person whereby the clients are referred to the outfitter,
but the outfitter is accountable to the board for the appearance and
propriety of all such advertising and for all interactions between the
other person and the clients and potential clients” and “to authorize
any person to schedule trips, provide clients with information regarding
refunds and services, receive client fees on behalf of the
outfitter, secure a guide who is employed by of with whom the
outfitter has an existing contractual relationship, and take other
steps to establish contracts for services, as long as these activities
are at the direction of the outfitter and as long as terms and
conditions of the contracts are directly between the outfitter and the

These two rules attempt to clarify long-term business
standards – third party client solicitation via advertising and socalled
“booking agent” capabilities. FOAM believes clear advertising
and client booking guidelines will encourage compliance, stop
guides advertising for – and illegally serving – clients not referred to
them by outfitters, and curtail guide “outfitter shopping” – referring
clients to the outfitter willing to pay the highest guide fee. At the
same time, outfitters can authorize “any person” to book clients and
assign guides, simplifying and streamlining good business while
establishing a direct line of control starting with the outfitter.
Re unlicensed outfitter assistants (OA’s), a new rule sets
their conduct standards equivalent to those of a licensed guide,
requires OA’s using watercraft to display boat stickers showing the
employing or contracting outfitter’s license number, charges a $25
fee for an OA application, and requires outfitters using OA’s to
include them in logs and inform clients that the OA is not licensed
and whether or not the OA has first aid certification.”

Read the whole set of rules at:  http://foam-mt.org/downloads/FOAMLINEDecember2014.pdf


I love the outfitters I work for but there is a problem… 

When I first started out as a guide my outfitter booked me 1 client for the whole season that came from his own efforts. The other clients I was able to guide came from social media, my blog, and videos that directed them to book me through my outfitter.

If it wasn’t for my own efforts I would have had a very slow summer and wouldn’t have been able to provide for my family. That doesn’t seem fair and is something that needs to be changed.

Once a client has a great experience with you, they want to keep booking you year after year. I hear it all the time. “Matt, who do I need to book through this year to get a trip on the river with you?” So with this rule, I will be asked this question more and more instead of them just seeing it on my blog or website. Am I even allowed to tell people where to book?? Can I hand out a business card? I am a guide but you don’t want me to tell anybody I am a guide?? Only to the outfitters? How does this even make sense?

I have never heard of any other profession where you work so hard and aren’t able to direct business your way for your efforts. The whole thing seems wrong and makes me wonder how these rules even passed.

Outfitter’s don’t pay for our license, our personal insurance, our boats, fly rods, paddles, nets, waders, etc…… but “we” can’t advertise that we are guides?? People book trips for their experience and in my opinion the guides are the biggest part of that because that is who they spend 90% of their time with.

I know as a consumer I love the states where guides don’t have these outfitting laws. It’s much easier and more fun doing research about the person you will fish with for that day. Instead of booking with an outfitter and having no idea the quality of guide you are going to get, or what kind of personality the guy/gal will have.

With all this said I want you to know I love outfitters, I think they are completely necessary and I mean no disrespect to them. I love the outfitters that I am signed with, but having so many other guides under each outfitter… it can be quite the challenge for them to keep all of our schedules full. I just don’t see why we as guides can’t advertise we are guides. It would work out for everybody.

Why be punished if you are good at marketing?


I come from a 10 year background in real estate and marketing. I’m sure other guides also come from a very successful past career as well.

The first thing they tell you when you get into any career is to network. Networking is the #1 thing that makes your business succeed. If a guide can’t network and spread his name through his own efforts. Then he is forced to depend on someone else’s effort and that is not fair.

It’s so hard not to want to promote yourself. It’s the “American Dream” to start a business and have it be successful.

I never like being a rule breaker and so when I found out this I changed everything right away. I still don’t like the rules and I think things need to be changed but I also want to be respectful of the rules.

I  hope clients and also other guides read this. Please comment and let me know what you think. Your voice on this matters to me and I would love your opinion. 


Flat brimmed hat or Rounded hat for Fly Fishing??? (It does matter and you will catch more fish ;)

Generation Gap


I see this discussion on social media a lot. So let’s talk about this subject and find the root of why people wear a certain type of hat.

My cousin’s (Steven Ladefoged “aka Scummy Steve”) # 1 rule in fly fishing is “If you look good, you fish good)

So there is some truth to this statement even though at first, he made it up, just as a joke.

Be yourself and make sure you feel comfortable in the way you look. If you feel good, your mood changes, and there is something to that when you fish.

What were your hobbies before fly fishing?

Not all of us were born into an Orvis family. You might have not been introduced to fly fishing at age 10 by your cowboy dad. Or your dad that is a big business man that belongs to the golf club or the fishing club.

Different genres develop different looks. So if you weren’t born into a fly fishing family and you were introduced to fly fishing at an older age, you might not know the “correct way to dress.” (There is no correct way to dress by the way ;)


What if your hobbies were skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, long boarding, surfing or any other hobby that has a so called “look” before you got into fly fishing. I have noticed a lot of different looks in fly fishing lately and I think it has to do with this a lot. Fly fishing is growing in popularity and all sorts of different people are finding out how fun it is.

Certain looks in fly fishing that you think are done on purpose to look “cool” could be just the way they have always dressed and now they are fly fishing. So I think it is a trend we will see more and more, now that fly fishing is becoming more main stream.


Pro Snowboarder Austin Leonard

Who do you look up to in the sport or who got you into the sport?

The two questions above are huge parts in the way people dress. Anybody can love and get into fly fishing. You can be a software engineer, pro snowboarder, a CEO, high school kid, custodian, and be an avid fly fisherman.  So who will get someone into fly fishing?? Who knows and that could have a huge impact on the way you dress for the river.

Be less harsh to people that don’t think the same way you do.

The whole point of this post is to get you to think outside of the box. It doesn’t matter how someone dresses as long as they are respecting the sport we love.

If they aren’t respecting the sport we love they might not even know what they are doing wrong. Be kind to people and always assume they don’t know everything. Be the good teacher you remember in school, not the bad one that you wish you could go back in time and punch in the face :).

I hope you liked this post and be yourself out there! It’s fun to see all the different ways people dress out there. Be proud of who you are and rock your style!

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