Top 10 streamers you need to have this fall!! (Time for big streamers for big trout!!)


I hope this post helps you out in your search of big trout this fall. There is nothing like getting a tug from a streamer eating trout and then realizing it is your biggest fish to date.

Here are my top 10 favorite streamers for big trout. I hope you enjoy it and remember to fish a river between two lakes. For some weird reason big fish love it there ;).

All flies are from Catch Fly Fishing “They Just Taste Better”

#1 streamer to have in your collection is:

Beebe’s Candyman 

This streamer has so much action and I love the heavy head on it. I like to use a strip strip pause technique with the tip of my rod in the water to make sure it is swimming back to you in different water columns by how deep or shallow your tip is in the water.


# 2 streamer to have in your collection is:

Bjorn’s Mr. Creepo

This streamer has so much action and I have caught so many nice fish with this pattern. Very good pattern when dealing with picky streamer eating fish.


# 3 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

CATCH’s Peanut Candy

I believe lots of movement and natural movement is the name of this game. That’s why some of my favorite streamers have lots of movement and action. Here is another great streamer to add to your collection.


# 4 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

Eric’s Jealousy

This pattern is light weight and is great for those shallow areas with deep troughs where the fish are holding. Strip, Strip, Strip and then pause that bad boy where you think the trout are holding and then strip, strip, strip again really fast and then pause. Get ready!


# 5 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

SS Sculpin Leech

This sculpin pattern is one of my favorites. I like to play around with the weight on this fly. I’ll add weight to this fly by pinching different size weights to the hook line that runs from the hook to the head of the fly. Sometimes just a little more weight is all it takes to get that picky trout to eat that fly. It changes the movement and depth and I hope it works for you as well.


#6 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

Gizzard Shad


This is one of the most simple but effective patterns. I like to experiment with different size barbell weights for the eyes. This pattern gives the fly a very effective jigging like action when stripped back correctly. Have fun with this pattern and get ready for some big hits!


# 7 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

The Grinch


If you love fishing the Stillwater river in Montana and the Yellowstone River in Montana. Let me tell you about a pattern that is a day in day out fish smasher. The grinch was first introduced to me by Kory at the Otters Den (now Stillwater Anglers) Kory taught me how to fish this pattern on the stillwater and the Yellowstone and has been one of my favorite streamers ever since. Thanks Kory!


Kory past owner and fellow Grinch streamer lover.

# 8 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

Belly Dancer Zonker

What can I say about this streamer?? The belly dancer attracts big fish and works great all year but especially in the fall and winter.


# 9 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

Schlappen Bugger

Every streamer box needs Buggers in it. It’s one of the most basic but best streamers out there. I have caught more fish on buggers than probably any other streamer out there.


#10 Streamer to have in your collection is: 

Zukowski’s Sculpin Soup

Talk about a realistic sculpin with some weight! This is a great streamer to get down and dirty in dark places where the big boys live!


I hope this post helps you this fall!! Go out there and catch a big boy trout!!

Some of my favorite memories of this summer so far….

#1 thing of 2015: Has been the announcement of our little one that is due on December 7th :). Things are going to get crazy but I am so ready for this adventure. It will be a lot of fun to share the love I have with him or her everyday.

# 2 Was seeing my brother for the first time in 3 years. Family means so much to me and to have my surf crazy brother come all the way from Hawaii to see us meant so much to me. We will be visiting him in March in Maui and he can’t wait to be an uncle. I wish he lived closer! I love this guy so much and he can make me smile and laugh the most out of anybody I know. Love you Shawn!

# 3 Has to be hanging out with my wife and all the adventures we have together. She is always my # 1 supporter and she has taught me so much about life and how to love people unconditionally. Plus she is one of the best fly fishers out there.

# 4 My cousin is in New Zealand right now for the next 6 months or so chasing big trout. It has been so much fun teaching him how to fly fish and now seeing him pursue his own fly fishing dreams. He is a very special guy and I hope he catches a big one out there! If you haven’t taught someone to fly fish that has never experienced it, I highly recommend it. It is so rewarding and fun to see someone else gain a passion for something so beautiful.

# 5 Birthday fishing trip was another huge success! Great new people on the trip that now are friends. Great fishing, great food, and most of all lot’s of laughs :). I highly suggest you make an annual fishing trip with friends and family. It’s something you will always look forward to year after year :).

# 6 Experiencing new places and getting the chance to fish while you are there. Most of Tracy and I’s trip are focused on where we can fish. This one was in Mexico and it was amazing. Fly Fishing for salt water fish is something every angler needs to experience!

#7 Getting to guide at Monster Lake Ranch for huge trout! It’s so nice to get away from the crowds and be able to fish in solitude. People are great but it’s always nice to be somewhere so peaceful and tranquil that you can get lost in your thoughts. Thanks Monster Lake for the great year so far.


#8 Being filmed by Trout TV was a huge privilege! I look up to those guys and gals a lot. It’s hard being in a career where people hate you for sharing rivers and spots that are unbelievable places to fish. I know many people might not agree with me but I really love to share special places with people that love the sport. Everybody needs to find their own special place and Trout TV helps people find great spots!

# 9 Finding time to fish alone to clear my mind and just be in my own thoughts. Everybody needs alone time and the outdoors is my favorite place to do it. If you find yourself stressed out and feel sad, make it a point to go hike or do something where you are away from the busyness of life and can just think clearly.

#10 Last but not least by any means is finding time to fish and hang out with your favorite people in life.  I am so busy that it is always impossible to hang and fish with everyone I love in my life.When I do get the chance to do it, it is some of my most amazing experiences. My 2016 goal is to spend way more time with the people that matter most in my life.

I hope you are having a great 2015 so far!

Love hearing your life stories and your fishing stories :)!!

What is the biggest secret to catching more fish? 

There is only one way to catch more fish than everybody else on the river and the secret is……….. to respect and listen to the oldest guides on the river. 

There is something about that accumulation of knowledge thing that is very true and accurate. 

Some of my favorite guides on the Big Horn are the ones that have been doing it forever. There wisdom and confidence is something I all hope we achieve in our lifetime. 

I just want to give a huge thanks to all the guides and outfitters before my time for doing such a great job in protecting such a valuable resource :)!! 

Getting off the Beaten Path and away from the normal. (Get Lost in Montana)


There is nothing more than I like to do than jump in my car with my drift boat attached and head to the local rivers, that I know so well. So when my cousin asked me to go on the Beaten Path in Montana for a 4 day backpacking adventure, I couldn’t help to think about going somewhere else. 4 days is a long time, I was thinking! We could go to the Beaver Head, Madison, Missouri, Big Hole, or any big fish producing river in Montana but he was dead set on going on a 26 mile backpacking adventure in Grizzly bear country with just the two of us.


What the heck, let’s do it Steven! So we were off the next day to Cook City to start our 4 day 26 mile adventure into the Beartooth Wilderness area.

The first two miles with a heavy backpack and ambitions of catching beautiful pink meated cutthroat trout were on both of our minds. There is nothing better than catching trout on a backpacking trip and eating them with garlic, onion, salt and of course butter. Those happy thoughts sure went away fast when we were met by the mosquito hatch of the year!!

I don’t think we have ever been bitten so much in our life! Steven forgot to bring pants and let’s just say his legs still look like he has chicken pox :). Poor guy. Luckily for us the mosquitoes were only bad for 20 of the 26 miles…. .ha ha ha.


One of the first places we were able to find refuge on our trip was Dewey Lake. Dewey lake is known for its pink meated cutthroats. We keptt 2 a piece and cooked them for lunch and I am still craving that unbelievable taste.

It was so much fun catching them too. We were on a high rock behind a tree waiting for the trout to cruise the shoreline. When we would see them coming we would cast our line about fifeteen to 20 feet in front of them. I was using a black streamer with a pheasant tail nymph behind about 3 feet.

It was so fun seeing the cutthroat in the crystal clear water. They would come fast to check out our flies but then would start to turn away. Right when they started to turn away you would give your flies a little bit of a twitch and they would come back around and attack them like crazy. We had lots of fish in just a little bit of time. It was some of the most visually fun fishing you can have.


One of my favorite things about backpacking is that your normal stresses of everyday life tend to disappear and all you are concentrated on is what truly matters. For me that is thinking of being a dad here soon and thanking God for this amazing opportunity. Also, having really fun and good conversations with my cousin about life and his new adventure of going to New Zealand. Man am I Jealous :).

I hope you all have a great summer and get to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget bug spray like we did….. ha ha ha okay it really wasn’t that funny. Remember to have lots of fun and take lots of pictures :).


Airport thoughts about life (Dont wait too long)


This winter I have been traveling a lot. Since January every weekend has been another trade show and a new city. I get to meet lots of really neat people and hear lots of great stories. 

I also hear lots of dreams people have had but have never came to life. 

Dreams of fishing in the ice cold glacier fed waters of Alaska for salmon that make the largest rod feel little. 

Dreams of fishing trips with sons and daughters but always waiting for the perfect time. 

Dreams of traveling to Montana to fish where the Big Sky never ends and the trout are as beautiful as the scenery they are a part of.


I have noticed two distinct types of people from all the conversations I get to have with people. 

The dreamers and the people that make dreams come true. 

The dreamers always seem to have an excuse. A constant mentality of I’ll do that next year, when I retire, or when I have so much money saved up. 

The do’ers are the ones that always seem to know things will always work out and you can never guarantee tomorrow will come. Make the best of today and make your dreams reality.



What is your biggest dream or dreams??? Make a plan to do them now. Even if you don’t have the money start saving little by little knowing your getting closer to that dream. 

I have talked to way too many older people that had lots of dreams of doing amazing things but old man time snuck up on them too fast. Now they have the time and money but aren’t capable of doing what they truly wanted to do.

Also, don’t let age get in the way. I have met some amazing people that won’t give up and find a way to still live out their dreams and passions. 

Like the first photo on this blog. This man won’t give up on his love of fly fishing. He brings a chair with him on every fly fishing trip because he still loves the feeling of water rushing against his legs. 


I hope this blog motivates you to get out there and make your dreams a reality :).


Disconnect (Fly fishing is the best self counseling one can pay for)

Disconnect from Western Fly Media on Vimeo.

Do you need a disconnection from your ordinary life? A place where you can come alive and get away from the stresses of everyday life?

Come with me on a fishing trip to Monster Lake Ranch or the world famous Big Horn River in Montana.

Call Andy Elser (my outfitter for the Big Horn River) at 1-406-850-9990 to book your Big Horn River Trip today.

Pictures from the beautiful Big Horn River

Call Dori at Monster Lake Ranch at   (307) 587-5960 to book your Monster Lake Ranch Trip. 

No matter where we go we are going to have a great time and it’s going to be a day to remember forever. I am so excited to fish with you this summer.

Remember to book through my outfitter and the ranches I work with and not me personally. As a guide I have to have my outfitters be the one in charge of booking trips with me as your guide.

Contact info again:

Big Horn River float trips: Call Andy Elser (my outfitter for the Big Horn River) at                  1-406-850-9990

Monster Lake Ranch Float Trips: Call Dori at Monster Lake Ranch at  1-307-587-5960

Montana Bonefish are the new species to target in Montana. (Fly fishing in Montana for bonefish)

Nasty Beautiful from Western Fly Media on Vimeo.

This video was a really fun video to make. Thanks to Eric from Western Fly Media for coming down to the Big Horn River in Montana and filming it.

I have called the whitefish the native Montana bonfish for somtime now and thought it was great that he made a whole video on how fly fishers travel the world in search of these nasty beautiful creatures.

I hope you enjoy the video and I also hope I see you on the river this summer.

Here are some of my favorite Montana Bonefish I have ever caught or been part of :).

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Shout out to my beautiful wife Tracy (Tracy Moore Photography Billings, MT)

Tracy Moore | Troublemaker Photographer for Senior Girls from Britney Paige Cinematographers on Vimeo.

Meet Tracy!!! This is my best friend and my high school sweetheart!! She is truly one of a kind and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my wife :).

Tracys main passion is loving people and helping people. This is why I instantly fell in love with her. She is always going out of her way to help and make people feel super loved.

Tracys profession and one of her favorite things to do is photography. Not just any kind of Photography but Senior Girl Photography. Tracy believes every girl is so beautiful no matter what. She has a passion and a huge heart to be a Senior Girl Photographer because she believes every girl needs a great role model along with someone to make them realize how meaningful they are to this world inside and out.


Tracys images are not just pictures they are an experience and a day that will be filled with fun, adventure, a little trouble and lots of laughs and love. They are images that come from Tracys heart and soul to capture the most beautiful moments of the day. I am always amazed with her images and most of all, how she loves and cares for everybody that she gets to meet.


I can’t be more proud of my wife and what she does with her talents. Check out more of her work at

I also love how a lot of her shoots involve not just the special senior but also her friends. Friends are something that defines who we are and it is so special to have memories with you and your best friends.


I love seeing all the back end photos of the day. The photos where Tracy knows they aren’t going to hang up on a wall but be memories for a lifetime because of the fun they had.

This is just a little bit of why I love my wife so much and why I believe she is so very special.

I hope you or a senior you know get to experience a day with Tracy. It is something you will remember forever and I promise it will be a great time :).

Why it’s so important to be confident in yourself and to love who you are.

Do you always want to be someone else or do you love who you are?

It took me a lot and I mean a lot of years to figure out who I am by my own standards and without anybody telling me who I was. I’m still working on it but opening my eyes and spirit to challenge myself daily to be myself is a struggle but very rewarding.

What I am finding out about living a life where I love who I am is that I am realizing my purpose in this life.

My purpose is way different than yours and that is the great thing about being human. We are all born with different passions and life purposes.

When you decide to be yourself and stop worrying about being someone who someone else wants you to be it is very freeing.

Your priorities, goals and days are filled with fulfilling your life purpose instead of the pressures you get from family and friends. You wake up wanting to do what you love instead of living a life your DNA is not meant to pursue.

We all have yearnings and dreams to accomplish and as long as they are coming from a pure heart and you have faith they will come to be.

This doesn’t mean you wont have your bad days where you want to do absolutely nothing or fill overwhelmed with the obstacles of life. It just means you are confident of your purpose and those bad days don’t turn into bad weeks, months or even years.

When I was the most depressed in my life a few years back it was hard to even get out of bed. Now that I look back on those times I’m starting to realize the number one thing I did to get that way was to bury my feelings and not properly process them.

If you are religious or even if your not the best thing you can do is to have a sabbath day or a day of complete rest and meditation. To go through your thoughts and feelings and journel about them. Learn about yourself and there is nothing better to do this by having a day a week dedicated to solitude and self seeking.

Most problems in life come from not knowing ourselfs enough and taking time to love ourself. If we don’t love ourself how can we possibly love others.

This book is a must read. It will help get your life back on track and will pump you up to be the very best you!

Check out reviews and what this book is about.

I sure hope your finding lots of happiness in your life right now but if your going through tough times or even if your not this book is truly inspirational in being a better you.

I love all of you a lot and hope you become the very best you in this life :)!