Top 10 Fly Fishing Flies For Catching Trout (Fly Fishing Flies)

1. Elk Hair Caddis

This has to be one of my favorite dry flies. It floats great and gets a lot of takes. It’s fairly simple to tie and can work in all different situations. Have fun with this fly!

2. Hare’s Ear

This is one of those flies that I go to first on most freestone rivers. It has to be one of my favorite nymphs for rivers in Montana. It is a nymph that mimics small aquatic insect larvae or crustaceans. You can tie it in all different sizes for whichever stream or river you are fishing. I sometimes put this behind my streamer and it works great.

3. Pheasant Tail

If you need a fly for tailwater and freestone rivers this is the one. I use this one on picky fish on the Big Horn River and also on a freestone river like the  Yellowstone river. What I love about this pattern is all the things you can add to this nymph.You can add a bead head or even a flash back for that muddy water. Fish all different sizes of this pattern. You’ll love it!

4. Blue-Winged Olive

This is one of my favorite spring time fly for the Big Horn and many other rivers. I use anywhere from a size 14 to 22 depending on the hatch. Don’t leave home without this one!

5. Woolly Bugger

The tug is the drug!!! This streamer is always with me. Fish this streamer in all colors. The wooly bugger has great movement and imitates bait fish, crayfish, and sculpin. My biggest bull trout and brown trout was hooked on this fly.



Midges are located in every body of water. You can fish all different colors of midges. Fish are known to eat midges all day long. I usually use the midge as 2nd fly in your set up. I have a whole fly box dedicated to all the different color and sizes of midges.

7. PMD (Pale Morning Dun)

When you are out west your best bet is the Pale Morning Dun or also called the PMD. I use the PMD mostly in the summer months. There are several different PMD patterns. go have some fun by putting several kinds in your box to try out.

8. Adams

The Parachute Adams has to be my favorite dry fly. The reason I love it so much is because it always works! Whenever fish are picky or I am not sure what to us I tie one of these on.

9. San Juan Worm

My wife would kill me if I didn’t include this deadly fly. This is such a fun fly to fish with because of the aggressive hits you get. Most of the big fish I get when nymphing comes from worms. You can fish all different sizes and colors. Great time to fish this is when the water is higher than normal. Good luck!

10. Prince Nymph

You can fish this nymph as either a bead head or without. I usually use the bead head when I want the nymph to go deep faster and the water isn’t so clear. This is a perfect fly to use when stone fly’s are out. I have had great luck with this fly.


I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Fly Fishing Flies tips.

Have fun catching fish and let me know about your success stories.

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Fly Fishing Flies For Catching Trout (Fly Fishing Flies)

  1. You hit all 8 of my favorites, can’t say that I have used Midges or Worms though; I should probably work them into my repertoire!

  2. I tie my Prince with a brown zelon tail, white zelon wing and a little brown zelon for the thorat. I think it works better and it is a lot quicker to tie. Not as pretty in the fly box.

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  4. Montana Matt,
    What a cool Site/Blog. all the mentioned flies are on point. After a few years of trial and error…..the midges and nymphs are my go to’s. Must admit though, I can never go wrong with a light grey bodied, black marabou tail and small silver beadhead #12 WOOLY!

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