Where should I go for my Montana vacation this year??

I absolutely love Montana and I think everybody needs to experience it someday. So here is  my top 10 places or things to do on your vacation in Montana.

1. You have to fish while your here!! I know I am kind of biases but it is a must. The fishing is incredible and you will feel like you’re in the movie a river runs through it. If you are wanting to fish the Big Horn River, I suggest calling the Big Horn Trout Shop. If you are closer to Livingston and the Bozeman area I would suggest calling, Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge. Just let them know Montana Matt sent you and you want to know where the big fish live🙂.


2. You have to go to Glacier National Park. It is one of those special places where you are surrounded by wilderness and beauty. The water is crystal clear and the wildlife is abundant. Go to this website to see some things to do while you are there Glacier National Park. 


3 and 4 are combined. Visit Big Sky MT and while your there visit Yellowstone National Park. Big Sky, MT has so many activities for you and your family. It has mountain biking, horseback riding, skiing, fishing, hiking to say the least. Click this link for fun things to do in and around Big Sky. 


5. Flat Head Lake at nearly 200 square miles and surrounded by six state parks, Flathead is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Perfect for boating, fishing, and waterskiing. This place is gorgeous and has so much to offer. Visit this link to see some things you can do Flat Head Lake.


6. Lewis and Clark Caverns are amazing. I suggest doing the Candlelight tour. Check out this link for more information, Lewis and Clark Caverns.


7. All the Hot Springs in Montana. There are several to choose from and I suggest making a few stops and at least seeing a couple of them. Here is a complete list of them for you at hot springs link. I also would suggest the boiling river in Yellowstone national park. Enjoy the waters!

Photos of Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park
This photo of Boiling River is courtesy of TripAdvisor

8. Red Lodge Montana and the Bear Tooth Pass. Red Lodge feels like you are in an old western movie. It has shopping, hiking, skiing, sight seeing, and the famous Bear Tooth Pass. View some things to do in Red Lodge by clicking Red Lodge.


9. Play a round of golf and the famous black sand golf course named Old Works Golf Club designed by Jack Nicholas himself. This Golf course is famous for it’s black sand traps.


10. Make sure you do lots of whitewater rafting while you are here. Check out this link for the top places to white water raft in Montana.


Well I hope you enjoyed this post. There is plenty more to see and do while you are here but here are some great ideas for you. Have fun and make life an adventure!

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